Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

For one reason or the other, Ayesha Takia’s blessed with really good genes. Or it could be a good doctor too. But after scoring few of her before and after plastic surgery photos, it’s all come down to only one question. It’s, whether her breasts are real or fake? Good genes or good doctor?

Ayesha Takia, Indian Actress, has worked in number of Bollywood flicks and won the Filmfare Best Debut Award in 2004 for her very first movie, Taarzan: The Wonder Car. Talking about her plastic surgery stories, apart from the said breast implants, she likely have had another procedure, called liposuction, to get rid of the unwanted fat from the body.

Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

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Like Kate Upton and Michelle Keegan, Ayesha Takia’s breast implant case is another mystery to solve. When first seen in the Tarzan: The Wonder Car, she’d almost the same pair of bulkier breasts, as of now. But did she underwent breast augmentation surgery to have them enlarged, or are they natural?

ayesha takia photos, ayesha takia breast implants, ayesha takia plastic surgery, liposuction

Right from the very start, when she came into the limelight, she’s been flunked into the media, questioning her bustier looks. And if we turn back the time and review as much Ayesha Takia’s before photos as we can, it’s no denying the fact that her breast are natural to the core. And there’s been no fiddling with her figure.

Apart from being in the news for her bustier looks, she’s speculated to have a liposuction done in the UK, too. How much of it is true, we hardly have any idea. But if she did went for a liposuction, then, it’s easy to make out why her breast looks so embossed out on her chest.

Anyways, celebrities and this showbiz world is not complete without controversies. And among with many others, Ayesha Takia’s beauty secrets have always been the talk of the town. I’ll be really happy if Ayesha Takia’s all real. And if she’s not, well, she still looks great with what she got. Your thoughts?

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