Ciara Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Ciara Princess Harris, or simply, Ciara came under the plastic surgery radar when she downsized her too bulbous nose a bit. Before Rhinoplasty, Ciara had a nose, too manly for her face. And it hardly allowed other facial features to define her beauty. Has she had a nose job or it’s Photoshop at play? Read to know.

Ciara, American singer and songwriter and a fashion model. In 2004, she brought some Goodies(album) into the world, thus announcing her singing and songwriting career. She’s an advocate of simplicity, but she too had had changed her looks over the years since her debut. Explore the Ciara photo gallery and note the changes she’s gone through.

Ciara Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

If you’re to change something on her face, you’d gladly go after her bulbous nose, with a knife and a scalpel in your hand. But it’s not the only plastic surgery she’d, since her debut in 2004. Not only she underwent a Rhinoplasty to downsize her nose, but after being called a man and a hermaphrodite, she up-sized her breast for added attractiveness. Apart from breast implants and a nose job, you’d usually find her playing with her lovely locks, eye-lashes and whatever that involves Zen style make-up. What’s more to Ciara’s plastic surgery rumors and story, gulp it down.

Ciara Nose Job

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I don’t know if it’s a trend(or a tradition, or a gene) in black people to really have a bulbous untouched(with no alteration) nose. But for black celebs, much wider nose has been a problem than a feature. Oprah Winfrey, Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim struggled with their heavy nose and ended up downsizing it via Rhinoplasty. If we turn back the time and compare Ciara’s nose in 2003-2004 with the latest, you’d find it subtly pinned down to a normal size.

Has Ciara Had Breast Implants?

No women would entertain such comments where she’s called ‘a man and a hermaphrodite.’ No women would like the sound of it. After being called a man and a hermaphrodite, she did what she’s meant to do. She enhanced her assets to boost her femininity and her confidence.

And if I’m not wrong and the plastic surgeon’s and experts aren’t blind to note the visible changes, she’d revamped her breast at least twice over the years since 2004.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Ciara does appear to have had a breast augmentation, and possibly more than one as her breasts seem to have grown at intervals. Exchanging implants for larger ones is actually a very common procedure.”

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Whatever be the case, she looks beautiful in her enhanced figure. With a pinned down nose and added attractiveness of breast implants, she’d invested her money where it’s needed the most.

Ciara Views On Plastic Surgery

Ciara never uttered a comment about her plastic surgery and beauty secrets. But with Ciara’s changing looks and her before and after plastic surgery photos oozing volumes about her work.

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