6 TOWIE Stars Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Famous faces of TOWIE stars have changed over the years. And, it’s highly unfortunate to note that these changes have been some of the regrettable changes in the history of plastic surgery. Only few of TOWIE stars have managed to get out of the rut of bad plastic surgery.

The Only Way Is Essex, based in Essex England, BAFTA award winning television show have seen many faces, who’re highly addicted to plastic surgery. Their passion to look good in front of the camera, almost ruined their acting career. Though, there’re few good ones too. Plastic surgery for a better feel and look has been an ever burgeoning business trend in the showbiz world. But more often than not, celebrities have to face morose circumstances that takes a toll on their daily life.

Most of the TOWIE celebrities were open about their love for cosmetic surgery. They have had plastic surgery procedures on a whim, surgeries and operations which were not required at all. We’ve covered a great deal of TOWIE celebrities who’ve had plastic surgery in past, here we’ve compiled a list of some, so you could consume them right away.

6 TOWIE Stars Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Lauren Pope – Plastic Surgery Addict

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I may be exaggerating it a bit, but Lauren Pope had dabbled a lot with plastic surgery over the years. Multiple breast augmentation, nose job to fix a Owen Wilson kind of bump on her nose, Botox and fillers, she’d tried them all. She had to dabble a little, actually a lot, had to struggle a lot to improve her appearance. Read the Lauren Pope plastic surgery story.

Chloe Sims – Plastic Surgery Addict That Tops This List

Chloe Sims plastic surgery, Chloe Sims photos, Chloe Sims breast implants, Chloe Sims butt lift, botox, fillers, Chloe Sims before after plastic surgery3

Butt implants is in trend these days. And there’re many celebrities who’re dabbling with the idea and their butts. Most of them are addicted to no avail. Chloe Sims is another. Apart from butt transformation, she’s had breast implants, teeth veneers, regular botox and fillers. And with all this, she’d spent a worth load of money of plastic surgery measures so far. Set your beady eyes on Chloe Sims plastic surgery before and after photos, and I bet you’d have hard time recognizing her previous face.

Lauren Goodger – A Face That Reeks Of Cosmetic Surgery

Lauren Goodger plastic surgery, Lauren Goodger breast implants, breast augmentation, lip injection, Lauren Goodger photos, botox2

You really wouldn’t need an expert(plastic surgeon) to read her face that reeks of plastic surgery. Lips plumped(balloon like), cheeks filled right in, breasts held up tight with implants, describes the image of Lauren Goodger’s plastic surgery chronicles.

Abi Clarke – Lip Injection That Ruined Her Career For Years

Abi Clarke plastic surgery, Abi Clarke photos, Abi Clarke lip injection, lip fillers, Abi Clarke before after plastic surgery photos, cosmetic surgery0

If I were to list the bad plastic surgery experiences, you’d find Abi Clarke’s right somewhere near the top. She had been through one of the disastrous plastic surgery events, which messed her career to no avail. When it comes to messed up lip injection, there’re many celebrities in the same league, but of them all, Abi’s lip injection was something I wouldn’t wish upon my enemies.

Jessica Wright – One That Just Came Out Pretty Fine

Jessica Wright plastic surgery, Jessica Wright photos, Jessica Wright breast implants, Jessica Wright breast augmentation, hair extension, teeth veneers, Jessica Wright cosmetic surgery

Jessica Wright, one of those celebrities which you wouldn’t recognize in most of her before plastic surgery photos. That’s a transformation from not so ugly to ever so beautiful face. Breast implants, hair extensions, teeth veneers, botox and fillers, you name it. But after all these years on TV, she isn’t the same Jessica Wright at all. Her plastic surgery experience has been pretty successful so far.

Amy Childs – Celebrity Who Believes In (Over)Enhancing Her Assets

Amy Childs plastic surgery, Amy Childs photos, Amy Childs breast implants, Amy Childs botched breast implants, lip fillers, liposuction, Amy Childs before after photos3

Amy Childs got her first breast implants at the mere age of 18. Too early to think of one, but for a plastic surgery addict, it really doesn’t matter. One after the other, she experimented with her bust a lot over the years, just to put an end to all this on a bad note. Apart from breast implants gone wrong, she’d dabbled a lot with lip fillers and not so traditional 3D Lipo technique to get rid of the excessive fat. Now she’s clean and learnt her lessons to the extent that guide teenagers about the appropriate beauty treatments.

So that covers the story of TOWIE stars who’re addicted to plastic surgery and love to dabble with every possible procedure they could imagine.

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