Abi Clarke Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Abi Clarke’s first experience with cosmetic surgery went awry. And she regrets the only procedure she had. Former TOWIE star came under pressure to look glamorous, but with little to no research and advice, she’d had a miserable experience of the non-invasive lip filler injection.

Abi Clarke, former TOWIE star, hadn’t tried any plastic surgery before. But working with other TOWIE stars like Lauren Goodger, Lauren Pope, Chloe Sims, Amy Childs, she felt pressurized to look glamorous. The only procedure she tried, ended up with much more than she needed.

Abi Clarke Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

It’s a common trap for celebrities to fall for good looks, natural or plastic. Like many other TOWIE stars, Abi Clarke, who’d never had any work done before, went ahead for plumper lips. What she did? What happened to her? And how she recovered? Read ahead.

Abi Clarke Lip Injection

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If you’d look at Abi Clarke’s natural photos, you’d note that she really wasn’t in need for lip injection and fillers to enhance her pout. But under pressure, with little to no advice and research she ended with a much bigger, plumper pout than required. The filler used in the procedure reacted badly with her, making her life miserable for over 6 months.

‘A 10 minute quick fix turned into six months of hell,’ she said.

10 minutes of painful procedure of lip injection and fillers messed with her looks leaving no beneficial traces as promised. The lip fillers injected into her upper lip instead of giving plumper, fuller lips, gave her blisters, scars and ulcers.

‘It was really painful and over time, over the six months, I got blisters and the scar tissue got really sore and there were ulcers so everything was reacting!’

Though, she tried her best to hide the plumped, messed up lips with makeup, but it all ended in giving her a disgusting feel.

Abi Clarke’s Recovery Phase From Bad Lip Fillers

Sad about her messed up lips, she considered the reversal treatment for the natural looking lips, as they’re before. In the reversal treatment, the lip fillers were drained and dissolved. Cysts were removed in many stages. All in all, it was a painful procedure for Abi Clarke.

Abi Clarke’s Mistake

Doctors weren’t qualified enough. She should have researched before undergoing for the lip injection procedure.

She wasn’t guided and advised properly about the procedure she’s looking for. It’s more about a quick fix than a proper treatment.

Recently, Farrah Abraham also ended up with messed up pout, the bad reaction from the fillers used ended up with balloon like lips.

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Abi Clarke Views On Plastic Surgery

Abi’s always preferred natural looks over fake. She wasn’t really looking forward to the lip fillers, but she’s lured into having the lip injection by using the words like that it’s just a ‘quick fix’. After the reversal treatment, she’s more than happy with her natural looks and she’s chosen to stay away from cosmetic surgery.

She said: ‘I’m really happy, I feel so normal now but my lips will never be the same or as tight and nice as they once were.’

‘I’m embracing the natural look now,’ she said.

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