Got a product or service that will make the life of net citizens easier, healthier, better. Something along the line of plastic surgery awareness, beauty, health, body care, skin care products, glamour, clothing or anything that you see fit to advertise on CelebLens. Then my blog is the right fit for all your advertising needs.

Advertising options

  • Banners: We have the following sizes available: 300×250, 125×125. Banners are not rotated with other advertisers so you get 100% of the impressions. Or if you’d like a custom ad unit size made available to take care of your needs, please have your say. Banner ad units can be placed in the sidebar and inside the post as well.
  • Post Review: If your product or service is relevant and useful to our audience, I may review it on the blog. Sponsor post should be more than 500 words and with high quality.
  • Text-Link Advertisement: If you’d like to buy text-link ads on CelebLens, make us an offer we can’t refuse.

Please use the contact form to send in details we should know about, details we should care, details we shouldn’t care, details that you’d like us to share with our large reader-base. Feel free to have your say.


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