Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

The story of Bella Hadid’s plastic surgery is a confusing one. Why? At 19, it’s really hard to tell whether she’s au naturel or her insecurities led her to the knife. Or is it just the teenage?

Bella Hadid, American fashion model, Hugo Boss Model Of The Year 2016 winner, younger sister to Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid, has tweaked her face to her liking. Ranked Top 50 models by, Bella Hadid was born beautiful and as gorgeous as her older sister, Gigi Hadid. But her facial changes over the year, whether fake or natural, made us look at her closely.

Bella Hadid Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

It’s natural for a fashion model to get into the cosmetic tinkering for she’s an image and a face to keep up. Known for her au naturel, striking facial features, Bella Hadid is among the very few that barely needs any help. But it is common for celebrities to get a little help to look camera-ready. Her nose is pointy and her lips all plumped, though we’re not sure what kind of plastic surgery procedure she’s opted. Her cheeks look pretty flat as compared to her older photos as well.

Bella Hadid Nose Job


When Bella Hadid’s before and after photos are compared, it’s clear that her nose is no stranger to the surgeon’s knife. In the before photos, it’s round and wide and is all over her face. But for a modeling career, a larger nose can be a distraction. Her nose is chiseled to perfection in the after photos. Pointy and all prettied up! It’s not a distraction no more. Take a look at Bella Hadid’s nose job before and after plastic surgery photos.

“Bella has always been hugely insecure,’ a friend told the publication. ‘But it really ramped up when Gigi started modeling.”

Bella Hadid Lip Fillers And Cheeks

Eyes and lips are two facial features very dear to fashion models. When someone’s in a business to express themselves using their eyes and lips, it’s better to keep them in satisfying shape and order. With already striking facial features and an extended help from lip fillers, Bella Hadid came out with perfectly symmetrical lips.

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe, who hasn’t treated Bella said,

“She’s definitely had rhinoplasty to the tip of her nose and bridge,” he explained. “She has also had fillers injected into her lips for a more voluptuous look, and I also think she had her buccal fat pads removed to give her cheeks a more sculpted look.”


While, it all may not turn out to be true but the plastic surgery before and after photos aren’t lying. Are they?

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