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10 Best Celebrity Nose Jobs Before And After Photos

Why do celebrities get nose jobs? Nose keeps growing until death, that’s why. Celebrities prefer to tweak their noses more often than any other body part. Some are born with a nose that complements their face well. But not all of them are lucky like Natalie Portman or Liz Hurley. In a bid to look better from bad, some lost it completely. And some got lucky. This list is about the lucky ones. The best celebrity nose jobs.

A bad nose should not hamper your looks. A nose job is one way to get over it. Let us look at the before and after photos of celebrities with the best nose job in the entertainment industry. With a slight change in their schnozzes, they got what they wouldn’t have achieved otherwise.

But, first thing first.

Characteristics of a Good Nose Job – The Hollywood Traits

  • The nose tip should be pointy.
  • It should be small enough to not to attract more attention than needed.
  • The bridge should be narrow and not wide.

Now let us see who have got the Hollywood nose.

10 Best Celebrity Nose Jobs Before And After Photos

Salma Hayek

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Before, Salma Hayek’s nose was too big for her face. The round nose tip was giving away her face. After the nose job, it’s pointy and narrowed enough to complement her face. With subtle changes to her nose, the surgeon was successful in shifting the attention from the nose to her gleaming eyes.

Aubrey O’Day

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She wasn’t in need of a nose job, but she got one. Before the nose job, it’s round and subtly wide for her face. And after the nose job, it’s defined and reshaped enough to fit on her face like a Tetris block.

Ashley Tisdale

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For some celebrities, a nose job is a treatment to enhance their looks. For some, it’s a method to cure the breathing problem. Ashley Tisdale was a victim of deviated nasal septum, had trouble breathing from the right side of the nose. The nose job not only fixed her breathing problem but also enhanced her facial features.

Ashlee Simpson

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An ideal nose should run smoothly from the top to the tip of the nose. A bump anywhere in between certainly hamper the looks of the celebrities. Ashlee Simpson was born with one. The bump on her nose attracted unwanted attention. After getting her nose bump removed, her nose sets the tone of her facial features.

Keira Knightly

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Keira Knightly is beautiful from top to the toes. But her nose failed to support her beautiful looks. Before, it’s too wide for her face. After the subtle refinement and changes to her nasal bridge, Keira couldn’t have asked for a well-behaved nose.

Holly Madison

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Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend Holly Madison was certainly in need of a nose job. Her nose was like anybody’s nose. Round and not pointy, wide and spread all over on her face. For a celebrity, it’s hard to survive with a nose like that. Now, it’s subtly pointy and not round and enhance her facial features well.

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie’s eye candy figure has everything in place except the nose. The bulbous tip is the center of attention before the nose job. Now, she has one of the best noses among the celebrities.

Dianna Argon

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It’s Dianna Argon’s nose that has suffered the most. She broke her nose twice in two different accidents. And still, it’s in an ideal shape after two nose jobs so far.

Megan Fox

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It’s an absolute disappointment when a star like Megan Fox got all the attention seeking features, but it’s a bad nose that’s grabbing all the attention. Her round nasal tip is in need of a subtle correction. Now if you’d look at Megan Fox nose job before and after photos, you’d thank the doctor even more.

Ellie Goulding

Narrower nose, ears pinned back, lips plumped than ever

It’s a truth universally acceptable that a subtle change in a nose could change your looks for good or for bad. A bad example is Jennifer Grey. A good example is Ellie Goulding. Her wide nasal tip was stealing the show for all the wrong reasons. But once she got it fixed, it’s still stealing the show but for all the right reasons.

So those were the best celebrity nose jobs in the entertainment industry. But they are not the only ones.

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