Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos – The Complete Story

Blac Chyna’s plastic surgery has completely changed the person she was before plastic surgery. Her plastic surgery chronicles include hair wigs, face reconstruction, liposuction, butt implants, skin bleach, lip fillers, weight loss surgery, nose job, breast augmentation. The list knows no end. And the results of her major transformation are hair-raising. If she’s not tending to her 3 months old baby Dream, she’s probably planning more plastic surgeries to be had. With the plastic surgery list that long, it shouldn’t surprise that the bill will likely run into 6 figures. But for her partner Rob Kardashian, it was shocking. And it should be. If I were to show you some Blac Chyna’s before surgery photos, you’d simply refuse to accept that we’re talking about the same person.

Blac Chyna or Angela Reene White is an American model and a former stripper. She appeared in hip hop video songs as a video vixen, working as Nicki Minaj’s double body. Check Monster – Nicki Minaj, for instance. She has posed for the cover of several magazines, has bagged many awards. But she became famous when she started dating Rob Kardashian thus becoming a part of the famous Kardashian’s Clan. Apart from all the surgical procedures, her makeup habits aren’t helping her in any way either. Let’s explore Blac Chyna’s face and bodily change over the years. It’s wild-wild quest to enhance beauty. And Blac Chyna is another cog in the wheel.

Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos – The Complete Story

Blac Chyna before plastic surgery

Instead of asking whether Blac Chyna has had plastic surgery, it’s more suitable to ask how many plastic surgeries have Blac Chyna had? So let’s examine Blac Chyna from head to toe.

Blac Chyna’s Hairstyle

Blac Chyna’s hair, before she was famous, was nothing but a cloud of short curly black hairs resting on her head. She got them straightened and things have never been the same for her. Her aggressive use of hair wigs and hair extensions is one of the easiest catch about her appearance. Her hairstyle is more like Dakota Johnson or Nicki Minaj to be precise. It’s likely that she’s had scalp advancement to bring the hairline forward.

Blac Chyna’s Face Reconstruction

Blac Chyna’s before surgery face was not at all what it is today. It’s as if we’re referring to two different people. She got rid of her black skin tone by skin bleaching. She has had fillers to enhance her pout. Her eyebrows are precisely refined and quite edgy. Eyebrow microblading comes to my mind. The absence of eye bags indicates probable case of eyelid reconstruction. Her cheeks are protruding to the point that it looks unnatural. Cheek implants, is it? Black Chyna’s nose appeared clinically shaped. Before plastic surgery, it used to be bulbous at the tip, wider at the nasal bridge before. There’s more to Blac Chyna’s before and after plastic surgery photos than it entails.

Blac Chyna’s Breast Augmentation

Blac Chyna has kept quite about her drastic transformation. But her transformation photos all over her social media profiles involves more than meets the eye. Her bust appears fuller than ever which wasn’t prominent before. Check out Blac Chyna’s breast implants before and after. Check out Blac Chyna’s Instagram pregnant with her transformation photos all over, as if there’s nothing to hide and everything to reveal.

Blac Chyna’s Butt Implants

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Blac Chyna’s butt implants photos

Same goes for Blac Chyna’s rear end. She’s trying to imitate Nicki Minaj to the hilt. It may exude confidence, sexiness, help curb their insecurities but not when their buttocks are about to explode and embarrass everyone in the sight. She’s probably had one of those large fat grafting technique to enhance her butts. Or it could be butt implants as well. And it’s not natural at all.

Blac Chyna’s Weight Loss Surgery or Liposuction

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Blac Chyna plastic surgery photos

While she was pregnant with her baby daughter Dream Renee Kardashian, she had been planning a post-baby surgery or what we call it mommy makeover. But apart from the usual surgeries included in the mommy makeover, she was planning to get a tummy tuck and vaginal rejuvenation as well. I think she got some fat sucked out from her abdomen, flanks, waist and back to get back in shape as soon as possible after the pregnancy. Her astonishingly slim and toned waist with no sign of stretch marks is all the evidence we need to know. But she accounted weight loss surgery and breastfeeding as the cause of her weight loss.

Blac Chyna Nose Job

Blac Chyna before and after plastic surgery photos

Oprah Winfrey, Nicki Minaj, Latoya Jackson, Blac Chyna, they all have two things in common. First, they’re black. Second, they all are cursed with a bulbous nose tip. Blac Chyna’s no different. Rhinoplasty surgery is so common that every celebrity that walks the red carpet probably has one. Blac Chyna had nothing wrong with her nose, it’s just the bulbous tip was gathering all the unwanted attention. But not no more. The tip of her nose’s been reduced to complement her face.

Blac Chyna Lip Fillers And Cheeks

Just like the Nose job, Lip Fillers is another common but transient cosmetic surgery which most celebrities have no shame in opting for. Blac Chyna’s lips were plump and full before. Now they are amplified to the point that any more of injectables and fillers would result in an explosion. She’s on the verge of overdoing it.

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