blake lively plastic surgery nose job before and after photos

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Not all stars are born with perfect face and features? But they do have the cash to throw at pricey doctor’s office treatments. And that’s how a star like Blake Lively came up with the satisfied face and features to flaunt and beautiful features to have her fans in an awe. Has Blake Lively had plastic surgery? Don’t be surprised with the question, but she denied all the claims regarding her cosmetic surgery.

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before And After Photos

Now aged 26, this American actress went under the knife at an early age, may be, in her late twenties, to say the least. If there’s any reason to go against the natural aging process, then it was her nose and eye-lids to add on top. Earlier, Blake’s nose has wider bridge and not a tip she’s proud of. To fix things up, she went under the knife.

blake lively plastic surgery nose job before and after photos

Just like Anne Hathaway, she didn’t over did the process, just not to sound too greedy for the not so flawless appearance after these plastic surgeries. Got away with the right kind of plastic surgery. Have to agree, that the surgeon’s did a pretty good job. Blake Lively’s nose has a thinner bridge and pointy tip, the kind of nose, is in fashion these days. The entire nose has been remodeled to her liking.

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Breasts Augmentation Before And After Photos

We aren’t here to claim our points here. But long before she went for her nose job, she’d had breasts implants to flaunt and show off beautiful and fuller breasts to the audience. If you’d notice the¬†she had fake breasts when she was lying on her back in a bikini in the movie Sisterhood of the travelling pants. Do check out the movie, if you haven’t watched it yet.

After undergoing through several procedures, do you think she look pretty in her new look?

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