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Carmen Electra Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Carmen Electra plastic surgery is another example for ‘anything for a booming career’ in the industry. Over the year, she’s had her share of knife and scalpel to improve and enhance whatever doesn’t suit the modeling requirements.

Carmen Electra, is an American glamour model, singer, dancer and a television personality. She rose to prominence through her appearances in Playboy magazine and starred in more than few parody films. Talking about Carmen Electra’s plastic surgery list, she’s had breast augmentation procedure, Eye-lift, Botox and fillers in past. As a model, either enhance the looks with the help of a computer or with extreme plastic surgery, is the standard in the industry. Let’s take a gander at ultra sexy Carmen Electra’s before and after plastic surgery photos to assess the changes she’s gone over the years.

Carmen Electra Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

carmen electra plastic surgery, carmen electra breast augmentation, carmen electra plastic surgery before after photos

Playboy magazine model ought to have her figure all toned up to keep her career and self-esteem intact in this fiercely competitive filming and modeling industry. Breast augmentation operation, eye lift for expressive looks. Fillers and Botox are used as a complimentary shortcut to keep the aging signs at bay. (Kaley Cuoco plastic surgery)

Carmen Electra Breast Augmentation

Her natural bust line was something to look at was something to admire, but not enough to keep herself long in the competitive modeling business. Long before 2010, she underwent breast augmentation procedure and enhanced her bust line from 32B to a DD cup size. That’s a huge improvement to look at. Easily noticeable. More than enough to keep the fans and followers staring. (Lisa Vanderpump plastic surgery)

In 2010, she admitted that she’s had breast augmentation operation done and had the much-needed enhancement on her upper department. She added,

‘I didn’t want to go as big as that, It’s nice that I don’t have to wear a push-up bra any more, but I could have left myself alone. I think I was fine the way I was. I had nice breasts before — though they were small.’

From all the previous cases, where the celebrities have tried to feed their greed had ended up regretting their boob jobs, because getting bigger breast is not always the answer. And same is the case with Carmen Electra.

Take a look at Carmen Electra breast augmentation before and after photos to note the change in breast size. That’s huge, eh?

Carmen Electra Eye Lift

Other than the breast, the audience did note the eyes, are they expressive enough to convey the message, are they blue and deep to allure them, attract them, keep their attention steady. In a modeling career, having expressive, deep blue eyes plays a vital role. And spending a little over enhancing the eyes pays a lot in the long run. (Jenelle Evans plastic surgery)

Carmen Electra had her eye lifted and if you’d take a closer look, you’d find that her upper eye lids less are heavier than her earlier photos. She never said a thing about her eyes, let alone the Eye lift. But there’s a change that supports the little evidence we’ve. Take a look at Carmen Electra’s Eye lift before and after photos to gaze in.

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Carmen Electra Botox And Fillers

Carmen Electra isn’t shy to the non-invasive plastic surgery procedure Botox and fillers to have her facial features enhanced. The Eye Lift that we talked about, had certain traces of Botox and fillers used to counter the minor displaced facial details. At 42, Botox and fillers is the only dosage to keep the early aging signs at bay.

Carmen Electra Views On Plastic Surgery

A need to keep the modeling career intact and a little push from her then Husband, Dave, made her to plunge in the world of plastic surgery. Since then, she’s had her breast modeled, her eyes lifted and accepted Botox as a ‘whenever required’ treatment.

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