Carrie Underwood plastic surgery, Carrie Underwood nose job, botox, Carrie Underwood photos

Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Carrie Underwood plastic surgery rumors boomed the media and the internet when she turned up with a different face one day. From then on, a lot has been heard about Carrie Underwood’s cosmetic surgery and beauty secrets. We’re in a fix if it’s just the nose or there’s a lot more buried, unexplored. Let’s take a look at her beauty evolution over the years.

Carrie Underwood, winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005 and laid a ladder of success from there on. She’s a winner of many awards, detailing of which is nowhere in the scope of this article. Long story short, she’s one of the lauded Country Star in the America and all over the world. With fame and success, she went on to enhance her natural beauty with some of the most famous cosmetic surgery procedures available. There’s no doubt about the altered nose, but is she into injectables as well. How much of it is true, let’s tally.

Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Did Carrie Underwood get plastic surgery, is among the most discussed topics after the sudden (cosmetic)changes on her face. Sure it could be a glow from the millions she’s busy raking in. But there’s no uncertainty that she’s had some cosmetic help along the way.

Carrie Underwood Nose Job

Carrie Underwood plastic surgery, Carrie Underwood nose job, botox, Carrie Underwood photos

Sorry for being too direct on the Rhinoplasty stories, but her earlier nose(not too wide and not too pompous) wasn’t bad either. And after the said nose job, she unlocked the inner beauty potential she already had. Though, not many fans and followers liked the change at all. To balance it out, I think she’s beautiful before too and after the rhinoplasty procedure, nothing much has changed.

“Carrie’s features seem to be enhanced by rhinoplasty that narrowed her bridge and reduced her natural bump and tip,” Dr. Jon Perlman, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who has not treated the country star, told the magazine.

Compare these Carrie Underwood’s high-school and American Idol photos and you’d note the delicate changes upon closer examination.

Carrie Underwood Botox and Other Injectables

I don’t know how much it is true, but it’s been heard that she’d experimented with Botox and other injectables to treat her face for crow’s feet and frown lines. But I don’t think she’s thirsty for Botox and fillers especially at this age. Read what Dr. Jon Perlman had to say about Carrie Underwood’s plastic surgery stories other than the nose job.

“Carrie appears to have Botox or Xeomin injections smoothing her forehead, crow’s feet and frown lines,” Perlman said, reporting that the young-bending shots can cost up to $2,000 a year to upkeep — a paltry amount to the rumored $600 a month lip injections Perlman claims Underwood appears to have received. “Carrie’s lips look fuller now, most likely from injections of Juvederm or Restalyne,” he added.

Carrie Underwood’s View On Plastic Surgery And Results

Nose jobs are capable enough to change the patients looks even with the slightest touch of the knife. There’s absolutely no need to believe me, see Jennifer Grey. But after re-shaping and narrowing, she still looks like herself. And that’s roaring success for her. As far as Botox and injectables are concerned, she’s still going smooth with all the added help.

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