Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Coco Austin plastic surgery is a mere realization of truth and rumors. Coco Austin’s voluptuous breast is fake, a work of plastic surgery, but Coco’s larger than life butts are real, at least that’s what she said. Despite a clear statement from Coco Austin, it’s hard to comprehend the truth about her ‘larger than life’ butts. And I bet, you’d conclude the same, after a good look at Coco Austin before and after plastic surgery photos.

Coco Austin is known by more than few names, and coconut isn’t one. Nicole Natalie Marrow, commonly known as Coco Austin, Coco, Coco Marie Austin, Coco Marie, Coco-T, that many names she’s known by. American actress, dancer, glamorous model, began her career as a lingerie, swimsuit model. At 18, she won the 1998 Miss Ujena contest in Mexico. Worked for a Playboy, thereafter. Well, just know that she’s quite known and needs no introduction. Coco Austin’s larger than life body parts sparks plastic surgery rumors all around the world. Breast augmentation and butt implants, Botox, Facelift and Nose Job are few surgery Coco Austin has had. To some she admitted and to some didn’t.

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

On her Twitter page, she post a lot of selfies and photos revealing her body parts. Has a huge fan following and she’s quite well known in the US and the world. It’s Coco’s measurements, that took the world by the storm resulting in plastic surgery rumors and more.

Coco Austin Breast Augmentation

Coco Austin’s voluptuous breast size is a lot different than what blossomed in her teenage or before the plastic surgery. But the curvaceous figure she flaunts now and what it used to be, truly sets apart the difference to extreme. She admitted to have undergone breast augmentation surgery and that’s the only thing she had. If you’d compare Coco Austin’s breast augmentation before and after photos, you’d note the curvaceous breasts aren’t the one she used to have. (Beyonce plastic surgery)

But, it’s not about Coco Austin’s breast enhancement surgery we’re in a shock for, but about the butt implants she’s probably, okay may be they’re real, lying about.

Coco Austin Butt Implants Rumors

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It’s just a rumor, a highly shocking one, that the celebrity claimed that her butts are not plastic, but all real. There’re many celebrities out there with fake butts like Nicki Minaj butt implants, Kim Kardashian’s butts are also fake, and it appears to me, that Coco Austin has also joined the ‘fake butt’ league with the other celebrities.

She greedily agreed about the breast augmentation procedure when pressed a little to throw a light onto the busty breast. But when asked about the butts, she made it clear that her butts are real and would remain the same, throwing along a reason that butt is an important part of the body and is not to be messed with. Read what she actually said about the prompted about the butt implants rumors. (Mariah Carey plastic surgery)

I mean, I hate to be a hypocrite; you’re gonna do what you want with your body. And I believe you should go under the knife, if you really want to. But, I believe that… right now, we’re sitting on our booty. It’s not like you sit on your chest. Your chest is kind of out of the area, but you’re always using your legs and that part of your body.

So I don’t think you should do anything with it because something might get whacked out of place. A boob can [even] get whacked out of place and I’m still careful with that so, that area, I would stay away from.

We do agree with the reason she gave about the butt implants rumors that has been in the air since quite for a long time. But transformation from a lot smaller to a shockingly larger butts is quite shocking. No, please do not believe us, but take Coco Austin’s before and after butt photos and enjoy the shocking moments of despaired truth. The star went an extra miles to prove her point when she aired it on the ‘The Real’ to disprove the butt implants rumors. Okay, we agreed, they’re real. But that was some fight!

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Coco Austin Botox And Facelift

Her smoothed out face, lifted face, the transformation from Nicole Natalie Marrow to Coco Austin is laid out right with the help of Botox and Facelift. How she used to look in her teen age when compared with what she looks like now, shows a lot of difference for us to grasp and take into account. Coco Austin’s plastic surgery story is full of surprises and we’ve nothing much to add, but to compare the Coco Austin’s cosmetic surgery before and after photos and look at the transformation with eyes all popped out. (Priyanka Chopra plastic surgery)

Coco Austin Views On Plastic Surgery

Her plastic surgery philosophy is ‘whatever make ones happy’ and is careful about the plastic surgery disasters at the same time.

We all know these stars are committed to their business, the showbiz world and have to go under the knife once in a while to get the desired figure and finish. Her breast augmentation surgery went well, with larger than life breast size to handle, the surgeon’s did really well.

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