Eiza González Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Eiza González plastic surgery doesn’t involve much other than a nose job, but the only alteration has changed her looks totally. Do not believe us, but do compare Eiza González nose job before and after photos to see things in action. How a simple nose job has changed her entire facial feature. Or there’s more to the story?

Eiza González is a Mexican actress and singer. And if you’re not into Mexican movies and TV shows, you probably haven’t heard much about her. She came into the limelight when she’s spotted kissing Liam Hemsworth, after he broke up with fiancee Miley Cyrus. Talking about Eiza González plastic surgery which includes a Nose job, to which she admitted.  And she’s had Botox as well.

Eiza González Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos



There’re rumors that she’s had more plastic surgery than just a nose job, but we’re waiting for the confirmation from our sources. But the Nose job has been had and that has changed her facial features for good.

Eiza González Nose Job



What used to be a round and wider at the bridge has been chiseled to look according to one of those nose in trends these days. Eiza González nose was one of the feature that says a lot about her facial features, and how she came up with the right changes at the right time. Her nose looks pointy, much thinner at the bridge and does adds a tactical sharpness to her face. (Katy Perry plastic surgery)

It’s nice to know how well things had turned out for her and what once used to look a little droopy now has a sharp and charismatic features to die for.

Before we wrap things up!

There’s more to the story.

Eiza González Plastic Surgery Rumors



Plastic Surgeon’s has been droning all over Eiza González features and all the sudden changes. Rumors has it, that Eiza González has had few more plastic surgery procedures than the admitted nose job. (Kellie Pickler plastic surgery)

Apart from the nose, there’re lots of changes on her face such as chin, cheeks and something that leads people to talk about Botox and fillers. If you’d note Eiza González plastic surgery before and after photos, there’s a certain change in her nose, but what about the sharp and pointy chin(rounder before) and lifted eye-brows(work of a Botox) and raised up cheeks(is it cheek augmentation).

Eiza González Views On Plastic Surgery

She admitted about the Nose job easily, without throwing any tantrums. She said, she didn’t like the way her nose looked. Keeping things plain and simple. But what about the rumors about all the other plastic surgery procedures? No words! (Cher plastic surgery)

Our Views

Glad she went for the Nose job, we really liked the way she looks now.

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