Elizabeth Hurley Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Elizabeth Hurley ‘Liz Hurley’ plastic surgery stories are much mysterious than those thriller/mysterious novels. It’s hard to pin-point what’s natural and what’s fake in this world of all things ‘plastic’. But few and rare celebrities tends to age against any use of cosmetic surgery. Elizabeth Hurley is one of them. Though, she too have had some minor nip and tucks in her time.

Elizabeth Hurley, Bedazzled(movie) actress and a model, connected with cosmetics company Estée Lauder, through which she got her first job at the age of 29. Talking about her plastic surgery, it’s heard that she’s played with lip injections and a little Botox along the way. Breast augmentation rumors, it’s really hard to tell whether they’d something substantial information associated with them or not.

Elizabeth Hurley Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

There are times Elizabeth Hurley’s career, when she’s dragged to the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery speculations. Plumped lips, wrinkle-free skin and almost natural like figure to age with lead to plastic surgery rumors. What’s true and what’s not and what she’d said about everything labelled ‘plastic surgery’, let’s read.

Elizabeth Hurley Lip Injection And Botox

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It’s true that she’s associated with a cosmetics company Estée Lauder, but it’s really not sane to say that she’s dabbling with plastic surgery procedures along the way to her first modeling job. Though, to look presentable, to be camera-ready, she’s had her fair share of Botox, lip injections and fillers along the way. She kept shtum about everything plastic, but Elizabeth Hurley’s plastic surgery before and after photos evinced some truth associated with her plastic surgery rumors.

At her 42nd birthday, she’s prompted to throw in a few words about her plastic surgery games and stories, but she denied it by saying,

“No, but I think I am ready for it.” Seriously? “I haven’t had anything done yet.” Not even Botox? “No, no. Look I’m frowning. No. I don’t have anything in my face. But I would never rule it out.”

Now at 49, she’s still going strong and her every word against plastic surgery ring true to the ears. Set your eyes on Elizabeth Hurley cosmetic surgery before and after photos and tell something we don’t know.

In 2014, when prompted again to comment on all the work done, she said,

“None of my friends have had plastic surgery yet and nor have I. Most of us are still – just – in our 40s.”

I don’t know if you’re believing these said/written words, but I’m all for Elizabeth Hurley’s comments. She’s beautiful and she’s clean. A little botox and fillers doesn’t hurt along the way to a successful career.

Elizabeth Hurley Breast Implants Rumors

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Rumors, really? It could be the truth in disguise as well. That she’s had some work done to enhance her assets. Her ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant once described her as having the best boobs ever. But, has Elizabeth Hurley had breast implants to enhance her bust line. I think, she’s not in need to do so. At 49, she’s gained some weight, and with it her breast appears slightly larger than ever. Please have your say after looking at some of Elizabeth Hurley’s breast implants before and after photos.

Elizabeth Hurley Views On Plastic Surgery

I think, she’s clean. And is aging strong against all odds, against all these plastic surgery rumors flinging her name in the media and the tabloids. I think she deserve to be listed in our list of 15 Celebrities Who Have Aged Well. What do you think?

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