Ellen DeGeneres Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Ellen DeGeneres plastic surgery speculations has risen again. She’s 57 and still flaunts a skin that could easily pass for someone in their 40s. While Ellen DeGeneres had dabbled with plastic surgery before and she’s again up-ed the game with some added plastic surgery operations to look as young as she can.

Ellen DeGeneres, American comedian, television host is well known for her The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen DeGeneres plastic surgery stories revolves around Face lift, Botox and Peels in the year 2014 and recently she’s known to have undergone Face lift or a Neck lift again.

Ellen DeGeneres Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

What you think is natural is nothing but a multitude of plastic surgeries including face lift, eye lift, brow lift, neck lift. And there’s no end to the Ellen DeGeneres plastic surgery saga as she age. At 57, it’s really hard to look young in front of the camera. But I’d say, it’s the age to accept that wrinkles, face lines, sagging skin are some inevitable signs no one can avoid.

Ellen DeGeneres Face lift of Neck Lift

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We’re not sure about what kind of plastic surgery procedure she’s had. But such tight skin around her face and those scars of knives and scalpel are few tell tales signs that a starlet has had some work done. Many celebrities admit or deny about all the work they’ve had, but no words were heard from Ellen DeGeneres so far. It’s true that every celebrity dabbles with plastic surgery, but at 57, it’s more about acceptance; accepting all the work she’d and accepting the inevitable aging signs every one to go through.

If you’d look at her face, you’d note some scars and little too tight and smooth skin at the 57 year old face. It’s a sure shot sign that she’s had some help.

Here’s what the New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir said about Ellen DeGeneres.

“The noticeable scars on her neck are most likely a result of a facelift and/or neck lift. Scars are often a telltale sign of plastic surgery, and her neck and jawline appear rejuvenated and defined. At her age, she doesn’t have sagging skin, and her skin appears smooth and wrinkle-free – a sign of surgical and nonsurgical procedures to tighten loose skin and restore volume loss.”

Multiple face lift, neck lift, work on eyebrows and forehead, she’s one of those celebrities who’s trying to escape from questions that circumambulate around her. One of those celebrity who’s obsessed to everything plastic, yet there’s little to no words are out and about her in the media. If these multiple plastic surgery procedures, invasive and non-invasive in nature, doesn’t mirror her plastic surgery addiction, then I don’t know what would.

A production insider revealed the challenges her glam team face when it comes to concealing scarring due to the work she’s had done: “It usually takes them about two-and-a-half hours to give Ellen that peaches-and-cream glow her fans love,” said the source.

She’d her fight with knives and scalpels in the previous year and now she’s again at it. Skim through Ellen DeGeneres plastic surgery before and after photos and examine the vast changes she’s sporting on her face.

Ellen DeGeneres Views On Plastic Surgery

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Well, she’s hardly spake of her dabbling with the plastic surgery procedures, but with plastic surgery before and after photos around, it’s no brainer that she’s too deep into all things plastic.

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