eva green plastic surgery breasts implants photos

Eva Green Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Has Eva Green had plastic surgery? We’re not really sure about it. But we do have Eva Green’s before and after photos to claim the rumors floating around. Eva Green, a French Actress started her career in 2003, after a successful career in theatre. Her flawless skin, unwavering beauty and sex appeal is the reason why she got to play as a Bond girl Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale.

The 34 year old French Actress denied such claims, the claims about any kind of cosmetic surgery or so to pretty up his already flawless body. But we do have fans talking and some mouth blabbering.

Has Eva Green had plastic surgery done?

Rumors claimed that she went under the knife to perk up her boobs a bit. According to her interview with InStyle magazine she revealed that her decision not to succumb to plastic surgery in a place where almost everyone’s doing it left her feeling insecure.

She explained that those actors and actresses around her who have Botox or cosmetic procedures make her more aware of age and that she feels awful about it. She added: “In Los Angeles, I feel like the ugly duckling, like I’m from Venus or something.”
In addition to not going under the knife, the Dark Shadows actress also refuses to engage herself in dieting as it can also be depressing, just like plastic surgery.

But, we’ve Eva Green’s plastic surgery before and after photos which go against her words. Or may be they aren’t worthy of a truth. Check out Eva Green’s cosmetic surgery photos which looks like she went under the knife to get a more lovely pair of boobs.

eva green plastic surgery breasts implants photos

So, which way would you go? Against this living proof in the form of images or her interviews and sayings in several magazines.

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