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Has Harry Connick Jr Had Plastic Surgery

Did Harry Connick Jr have plastic surgery? We’re not sure. But his facial features seem to have changed for good. The man with a crooked chin and therefore smile have never been in talks other than music. And all of a sudden, there’s a huge rush of people asking about his new face and a new smile. So let’s discuss whether it’s good genes or a good doctor?

Harry Connick Jr is an American singer who’s sold over 28 million albums worldwide. And is also a part of the judging panel of American Idol. His soundtrack in the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’ helped him in achieving his first Grammy Award. Back to the topic where we want out attention to be. What happened to Harry Connick’s face?

Harry Connick Jr Plastic Surgery

Before, Harry Connick Jr was invisible to anyone and everyone. No one seems to have noticed his charming face other than the crooked chin and the work he’s best known for. All of a sudden, the new Harry Connick Jr has everybody’s attention. What could be the reason?

Did Harry Connick Jr have plastic surgery?

If we go by the before and after photos, it’s unlikely that he had some work done.

Harry Connick Jr Plastic Surgery – Botox Rumors

harry connick jr plastic surgery, harry connick jr before and after, harry connick jr mouth, harry connick plastic surgery before after photos
Harry Connick Jr before and after photos.

Let’s check whether Harry Connick had Botox or not? It’s clear that he’s grown slightly more mature. He has a slight puffiness to his face which comes with age. I don’t think it’s the Botox that did it. For Botox freezes a part of a face. After a syringe of Botox, celebrities find it hard to express themselves, but I see nothing wrong with Harry Connick’s expression. Do you?

Okay, if not the Botox. It could be the weight-gain. Just enough weight gain to fill out his face. And at 49, he still has the early aging signs – wrinkles.

Harry Connick Jr Crooked Chin And Smile

harry connick jr 2016 photo, harry connick jr smile, harry connick jr plastic surgery
Harry Connick Jr mouth and smile in 2016

Well, if you look closely, you’d note that his crooked chin is still hiding under his light beard. Harry Connick’s crooked chin gets more prominent when he smiles. So, I don’t think he’s addressed his crooked chin yet. It just hiding in plain sight. I see nothing wrong with Harry Connick’s mouth at all.

If not the Botox, if not the plastic surgery, then what could be the reason of his new charming smile?

I think, it’s the weight that comes as you age. And on top, Harry Connick’s been sporting a light beard that’s adding a sense of maturity to his face and therefore smile.

So what do you think? Is it good genes or a good doctor?


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