jon bon jovi plastic surgery before after photos

Has Jon Bon Jovi Had Plastic Surgery

Jon Bon Jovi: ‘I won’t get plastic surgery, my boobs are big enough!’

When asked whether he’d consider plastic surgery in future. This was his reply. Although, there’re rumors making rounds claiming that Jon Bon Jovi has had some Botox treatments and other cosmetic surgery procedures. But, I don’t think, there’s any substantial reports to prove him guilty.

jon bon jovi plastic surgery before after photos

Jon Bon Jovi is a American singer-songwriter, best known as the founder and frontman of rock band Bon Jovi. At 52, the rock star still looks pretty young as per his age.

Jon explained “I don’t know jack. I wouldn’t know one thing from another. I wouldn’t know what to do with moisturiser or any of that stuff.

“I’m not a lotions and potions guy. Are the rest of the band? I’d imagine some of them are, but I don’t go into their rooms, I’m afraid.”

To keep himself fit and fine and whatever he thinks is needed to keep these artificial procedures at bay, he runs and had a good workout schedule.¬†“I do five or six miles a day. That’s my thing.” He said.

Bon Jovi has confirmed, “That he wouldn’t go under the knife at any costs.” He rarely moisturize his skin, let alone the cosmetic surgery and other such artificial procedures.

Sometimes, it’s all about keeping looks natural. There’re alternatives to all these things, some celebrities would eventually exchange their disappointments and failures for artificial looks and plastic surgeries, but some like Bon Jovi would like to keep things natural with regular work-out and sticking good diets.

What are you thoughts about Jon Bon Jovi? Has Jon Bon Jovi had plastic surgery? We’d like to know your opinion about this.

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