victoria principal face lift plastic surgery before after photos

Has Victoria Principal Had Plastic Surgery?

Has Victoria Principal Had Plastic Surgery? Victoria Principal plastic surgery is an absolute irony. How? Well read, and you’ll know. Former Dallas star Victoria Principal went under the knife for couple of reasons, but actually denied all of it. Take a look at celebrities before and after plastic surgery photos, and everything will be clear as crystal.

Without wasting time, lets uncover Victoria Principal’s plastic surgery story. Victoria Principal’s plastic surgery includes some of the common cosmetic surgery procedures such as Face lift, Botox treatment, face fillers, cheek implants and breast augmentation. These procedures are the one chosen to refurbish the actress getting smacked by the aging process, to keep their youth frozen for a few more years down the lane.

Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

victoria principal face lift plastic surgery before after photos

There’re lots of talking going behind the scene. Although, all the claims regarding plastic surgery are denied by the actress herself. And she’s every right to do so, as she’s using her own skin care and make-up lines product, namely, “Principal Secret”. Who knows, maybe it’s the part of her business plan and we will never figure out the truth if she really has had a plastic surgery. It is most likely that even if Victoria Principle has gotten any kind of plastic surgery, she wouldn’t admit it because it would ruin her business with the beauty product line. Apart from that, Principal has written books on diet and exercise. Or may be actress is aging gracefully, because of the dieting and exercise and good lifestyle she follows. I really don’t know if she’s teacher preacher kind.

victoria principal plastic surgery story

But the photos from various appearances when compared to her youthful look, has a different story to tell. Victoria Principal is 64 now, and there’s hardly any aging sign visible on her face. Such flawless skin at 64, she’s truly the hottest granny of the Hollywood. But we suspect lots of plastic surgery work behind the scene, of which she isn’t admitting.

victoria principal plastic surgery breast implants before after photos

After taking a close look at Victoria Principal’s before and after plastic surgery photos, it’s pretty evident that her face is not natural at all. The actress has perfectly smoothed out skin and such fuller lips, only raises question about plastic surgery. It’s likely use of laser treatment like Fraxel to maintain such smooth appearance at 64.

And, we suspect that there has been enough use of Botox injections to firm out the neck line and to credit her fuller lips at such an age. There has been a notable difference in the way how her skin looks and how there’s no aging sign at her face at all.

Here’s what Victoria Principal said when prompted to answer few uneasy questions about plastic surgery.

‘It’s sad when I see a woman who has done things to herself in an effort to look younger, and instead she looks some way she never looked before’

“I’ve never had a face-lift, or a professional peel or lasers.

‘Do I believe in plastic surgery? Yes. If I decide to do something, is there going to be a story about it? Absolutely not.’

‘I kind of like the way things are,’ she said. ‘And although there is a southward shift, it fits me.’

victoria principal plastic surgery before and after photos

Apart from her views and how she’s so against the plastic surgery, we’ve Victoria Principal’s before and after plastic surgery photos to wash over her views. What ever be the case, she sure looks beautiful. And is a perfect example how to use plastic surgery procedures to carry out the youthful look despite her age. If at all, she in past, had opted for the knife.

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