Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Hema Malini’s plastic surgery is one sure mention when talking about Hollywood celebrities who’ve had plastic surgery. After all, aging signs and wrinkles and desire to look beautiful is not just restricted to Hollywood only.

Hema Malini is an Indian actress, director, producer and is now into politics. She’s had a fair share of fame and power in her hey-days, and is well known for her role in the movie, Sholay. That’s just one great mention, she’d worked in lots of famous movies in her career. Talking about Hema Malini’s plastic surgery which includes Botox and a Nose job. Let’s gauge the difference via before and after plastic surgery photos.

Hema Malini Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Hema Malini Nose Job

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I forgot to mention, that we’ve no substantial truth to hold on to while claiming her plastic surgery ordeals. But the rumor is in the air she’s had got a little help in shaping up her nose. There’re websites and media claiming that she’s had nose job to give it a specific shape, but if you’d compare the before and after plastic surgery photos, you’d not notice any specific change. If there is, it could be due the aging, different angle or a kind of make-up she’s wearing. Here take a look at Hema Malini’s before and after photos to have a better idea of things.

Hema Malini Botox

If not Nose job, but Hema Malini’s frozen, wrinkle-free face had us wondering. She’s 65 and there’s hardly any face line to witness. Not at all natural, we vouch about this. Not sure about the quantity, but Botox treatment has been had. It’s written all over her face. At 65, a woman’s skin tends to sag or show inevitable aging signs.

But Hema Malini’s flawless and tight toned skin has got lots of us talking. Take a look at Hema Malini’s plastic surgery before and after photos to check the difference in her aging face.

What Hema Malini Has Got To Say?

She kinds of liked it, how plastic surgery could fix someone’s face or any body part. But she adamantly denied any claims about her own use of plastic surgery. Although, she’s quite tempted how plastic surgery works and how these operations has the potential to change someone’s figure, facial features, eventually, their lives.

What are your views about Hema Malini’s plastic surgery?

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