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Imogen Thomas Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Modeling is the career associated with figurine beauties. Though, it’s hard to sculpt human bodies with chisels, however, we humans, prefer cosmetic surgery to bring the alter effects. Imogen Thomas, who’ve been under the knife for breast augmentation and few other cosmetic surgery to aid her modeling career, revealed her beauty secrets.

Imogen Thomas, Welsh glamour model, rose to fame after winning Miss Wales. Has even starred in the reality television programme Big Brother for three months.   Health conscious Imogen Thomas resorted to breast implants and few other cosmetic measures to get rid of the baby fat and stretch marks.

Imogen Thomas Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

It’s of impeccable importance for a model to have her figure as near perfect as one could manage, by natural or cosmetic measures. Imogen Thomas spent a whopping $6223 on a breast augmentation procedure to go from 32C to a 32DD cup size.

When questioned she briefed it.

I wanted them done because they were falling down a bit too much. I decided to get them done after my first topless photo-shoot with Zoo magazine, but there was no pressure to get a boob job.

That’s all to boost the modeling career which she’s very successful in.

But with pregnancies and childbirth, she started hating the baby bulge right within the first five months. She made it clear right there and then, that she’d seek plastic surgery to get rid of it as soon as possible. Though, she’s got a cupboard full of chocolate, biscuits and crisps, said, she’d resort to extremely healthy diet to get back in shape as soon as possible.

Talking about the Imogen Thomas plastic surgery results, the breast implants went fairly well in her favour. Post pregnancy, Imogen Thomas breasts ballooned up to a cup size F, to which she retorted that

“If they stay this massive, I’ll get them reduced,” she adds.

And by the looks of that, it’s highly likely that she’d them reduced after pregnancy too. Imogen Thomas breast implants have always been an inspiration for many. What do you think about Imogen Thomas cosmetic surgery and her beauty secrets?

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