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Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Though, we’ve already covered Jane Fonda’s plastic surgery stories(now 77) in our list of celebrities aging well, celebrities with little to no plastic surgery. But there’s a twist in the story and Jane, herself has uncovered that how plastic surgery had added a decade of stardom to her very competitive career.

Jane Fonda, American actress, fitness guru and a fashion model had an everlasting career that only a few actress could dream of. Hitherto, we thought, she’s aging well, but it’s a rigorous work to stay alive and perform in the showbiz world sans plastic surgery. Those who claim that they’re aging well, are now turning up, revealing their beauty secrets, to add few years to their career. What kind of plastic surgery did Jane Fonda had? How much work done is acceptable? Read to know her thoughts and opinions about plastic surgery in the filming industry.

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

jane fonda plastic surgery, jane fonda cosmetic surgery, jane fonda before after photos, jane fonda photos, jane fonda 2015

There’s no point in taking it to the heart that a star, who’s aging well since then, has suddenly unveiled her plastic surgery secrets. The actress said in the interview that once she hit 50, she struggled to grab work in the ever competitive showbiz world.

Speaking to the Telegraph, she said, “I was a movie star, and I produced a lot of my own movies. But I am 77 years old now, and those opportunities just aren’t there.”

Revealing her cosmetic surgery work, she said that she’s had little work done on her jowls, eyelid and under eye-bags. Not that it was too much to take a note of and beat trumpets around town. All the aforementioned work she’s had, was just to add a few more years to her career.

And I don’t think, it’s easy for a 77 year old actress to get work much easily, given the competition she’s struggling against. There’re lots of actress and other stars to fill in for roles in movies and TV shows. But with a little help of cosmetic surgery procedures, she’s secured her spot in the new Netflix series Grace and Frankie.

And those who’re against the idea of plastic surgery and those who’re angry at her decision to go under the knife, I’d recommend them to better utilize their anger on younger celebrities who’re(in their teenage years) much too familiar with all things plastic. In other words, do take note of the age, Jane Fonda, had decided to have some work done. And the reason behind it.

“I am brave in a lot of ways, but not that way. And I need to work, so I had some plastic surgery. It’s not like it’s too much, it’s not like you can’t see my wrinkles, right?

If you’d compare Jane Fonda with the younger generation of celebrities, you’d find that Jane Fonda was busy filming fitness videos in her early years, selling millions of the same, in the 80s.

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