Jasmine Waltz Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Jasmine Waltz plastic surgery before and after photos couldn’t get more interesting to testify her cosmetic surgery chronicles. One is Jasmine Waltz mugshot when she’s arrested in Florida for possession of cannabis. Another is her passport photo. Though, the Celebrity Big Brother contestant only admitted to having a breast reduction surgery. But the pre-fame mugshot and the passport photo reveal a lot more than that.

First thing first, who is Jasmine Waltz? Jasmine Waltz was born in Las Vegas, Nevada in August 1982. But her passport says 1979. So, that makes her 38 years old. After losing her father at a young age, her mother abandoned her. She ended up living in care homes and shelters. At the age of 16, she’s arrested in Florida for drug possession. She started modeling while living in Miami and went on to appear in two movies Bad Boys II and Pledge This with Paris Hilton. She rose to fame and glamor when she appeared in British Television show Celebrity Big Brother. She’s well known for her quirky and crazy habits and frequent run-ins with the housemates in Celebrity Big Brother. Talking about Jasmine Waltz cosmetic surgeries, she admitted to having breast reduction surgery but there’s more to the story.

Jasmine Waltz Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Jasmine Waltz photos from three different sources state as if we’re dealing with not one, not two, but three different people. Her photos from the modeling days in 2004, her mugshot from 2000 and her more recent CBB photographs in 2014 and 2017 hints of a nose job, lip fillers, cheek fillers, botox, possible eyebrow lift. Let’s take a look at Jasmine Waltz cosmetic surgery before and after photos to get the details right.

Jasmine Waltz Breast Reduction

There’s little to testify when it comes to Jasmine Waltz breast reduction surgery. She revealed that one herself. She’s not a fan of a bigger bust, hence she got her bust reduced from large D-cup to small C-cup. She even flashed her breasts in Celebrity Big Brother show for others to see. But we’re barely scratching the surface. She’s a bundle of quirky and crazy habits. She’s the troublemaker on the CBB show.

Jasmine Waltz Before And After – Nose Job, Botox And Fillers

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Jasmine Waltz before and after – mugshot in first and the latest 2017 photo in another.

She rose to fame through British Television show Celebrity Big Brother. But you’ll fail to recognize Jasmine Waltz in her pre-fame photographs if I were to show you few. Recent Jasmine Waltz photographs sparked plastic surgery speculation that she may have had some work done over the years.

Jasmine Waltz Nose Job

She had a nose with a bridge too wide and nose-tip too round as shown in her mugshot. But now her nose is thinly shaped, with an elevated nose tip in her recent photographs. But to say that she outgrew her nose would be wrong. I guess it’s plastic?

Jasmine Waltz Botox, Lip Fillers And Other Cosmetic Enhancement

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Jasmine Waltz Passport depicting her age. Another shot from her modeling days. The third shot from CBB 2014.

The glow on Jasmine Waltz’s face was hard to ignore. The glow on her face was part natural but not without the external cosmetic help. Her facial structure oozes confidence. And to emphasize it further, she’s had some cosmetic help over the years. She’s got her cheeks and lips filled, her eyebrows lifted. And botox to smooth out her face.

Her makeup free mugshot is nowhere near what Jasmine Waltz looks like today. She’s past her dappled skin, strange eyebrows and unstyled hairs shown in the mugshot. And who would have thought of that?

But now, it’s the long and black tresses, lighter skin tone, luscious and fuller lips and accentuated cheeks which complete her look. No wonder, she has an uncanny resemblance to Megan Fox.

Let’s hear what plastic surgeons have to say about her new looks.

Alex Karidis told new! magazine that he thinks she has maybe had fillers injected to smooth out her face. Jasmine has a good, basic facial structure. She’s changed her eyebrow shape which can make a difference to the face, but I speculate she’s had fillers in her lips and cheeks to accentuate her already existing features.’

Dr. Munir Somji of DrMediSpa said,

“I would say this includes; rhinoplasty to slim the nose and nose tip elevation, a surgical eyebrow lift, botox on her forehead.”

I congratulate the plastic surgeon who treated Jasmine Waltz. And more than that I extend my wishes to Jasmine Waltz for her newly found confidence through plastic surgery treatment. She’s the closest Megan Fox look alike I have ever seen and what more a person could ask for? What do you think?

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