Jenny Lee, Woman Who Has Had 59 Plastic Surgery

Addicted to plastic surgery, Jenny Lee, the woman who has 59 plastic surgery, whooping fifty-nine plastic surgeries in her life. And, I thought it’s Cher‘s the one, who’s addicted, but we’ve a normal person, not a celebrity, who’s addiction to plastic surgery lead her to face knife for 59 times.

Of course, we’re not going to list down all her plastic surgery deeds, it’s too daunting task to do so, but we’ll talk about her experience, and how she feels about her addiction to plastic surgery, about her obsession of beauty.

Why would any celebrity or a normal person would face the knife 59 times in her life, of course to change her looks, to fulfill her obsession of beauty, to look the way she wants.

Addicted to plastic surgery, Jenny Lee wants to control how her body looks like. Every aspect, every single one. Hence the number of times she went under the knife. Not just to control every other aspect of her body and facial structure, but also she’s a thing for Barbie Doll, and always wanted to look like one.

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In 2004, she appeared in “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and revealed all about her addiction to plastic surgery. It’s about her obsession to look beautiful, the way she always wanted to look, it was a question about her self esteem and how she struggle to control her body.

‘Initially my self-esteem took a huge blow,’ the blonde tells Oprah.

Read her own words, how she expressed her desire to look beautiful and her obsession to beauty is clear in her speech.

“When I look at my reflection, I still don’t like what I see,” Lee told Oprah. “I’m trying to grow to accept what I see… If I could be just OK with it — just OK — I would be very happy.”

At the time, she has had 33 plastic surgeries done to her and been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a disorder that has caused her to gain weight. But her obsession to look beautiful didn’t stopped even after that. Her addiction, even after the chronic disorder leads her to face knife for 26 times more.

‘I had to really come to terms [with] the fact that for once in my life, I’m not in control of my body,’ she confesses.

‘I feel like my spirit was broken,’ she says. ‘And I’m trying very hard to find acceptance. But when I look in my reflection, I still don’t like what I see.

‘If I could be just OK with it, just OK, I would be very happy,’

To talk about her plastic surgery is like talking about her whole life, there’s no other thing to talk about than her addiction to plastic surgery. Some of her plastic surgeries includes three lip implants, two boob jobs, three breast lifts and liposuction and almost for nose jobs. And, that’s not the end to this.

Her addiction took a break when she was pregnant, but she briefly went under the knife after her first daughter.

How Her Addiction Has Affected Her Life?

There’s no doubt about it, having gone under the knife for 59 times, would certainly affect your life. Read what she stated when prompted for few words.

‘I am in constant pain, all the time, every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,’ said Jenny, who cuts a noticeably fuller figure now, due to the disorder.

She’s had her fair share of plastic surgery and pain that comes with it, and fibromyalgia on top, to deal is daunting. If you’re to ask about whether she’d like to have a plastic surgery one more time, she stated that not right after all that. She even advised her daughter to stay away from plastic surgery. She’s tried to make sure that her daughter will never have to do the same. Here’s what she said,

‘She’s beautiful the way that she is and personally I would prefer that she don’t do anything to change that.’

It’s hard to have a sound relationship with a girl who’s obsessed with plastic surgery, but husband’s acceptance to all these didn’t affected her relationship in any way. Plastic surgeries and all the pain and emotions is only confined to Jenny, and has not affected her daughter and her husband, majorly.

Take a video tour of Jenny Lee’s plastic surgery story.

And, there’s one more, if one didn’t satisfied you.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

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