Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Jessica Simpson’s plastic surgery rumor rage started right before her wedding to Eric Johnson. It’s very common to see celebrities looking forward to a pre-wedding makeover to beautify herself evermore.

Jessica Simpson, American singer, songwriter debuted in 1999, have made a name for herself since then. Rose to fame and power with the release of her debut single I Wanna Love You Forever. And this was just the beginning of what we call an era of a transplendent artist. Talking about her plastic surgery stories, her pre-wedding makeover rumored to include a Rhinoplasty, lip job and Botox. Let’s compare and read Jessica Simpson’s before and after photos and what plastic surgery experts have to say about her, respectively.

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Well, there’re visible changes in her appearance over the years. A nose job to narrow down and reshape the nose, lip job for supple lips and Botox for a glowy skin. It’s hard to say whether she’d have considered plastic surgery if it hadn’t been for the wedding with Eric Johnson. But one way or the other, she’s in.  She, probably, has had some help.

Jessica Simpson Nose Job

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Earlier her nose used to cover a lot of estate on her face, now it’s been reduced to go well with her face. The said nose job wasn’t a rigorously done, but a minor flick of a knives and scalpel, for touch-ups. It’s been downsized to perfection and now the much wider region has certainly reduced. I’m not hard pressed to comment on it, but I’d say, whoever did it, did a job well done.

Here’s what plastic surgeon had to say about Jessica Simpson Rhinoplasty.

“Looking at the shadows along her nose, it is very probable she has undergone a nose job,” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Payman Simoni told the magazine

Take a look at Jessica Simpson nose job before and after photos for the visual effect. And that’s her sister, Ashlee Simpson’s nose job in comparison.

Jessica Simpson Lip Job And Botox

While at it, apart from the decently done nose job, she took a jab at the injectables as well. Even with their non-intrusive nature, injectables are pretty risky at times. The results of Jessica Simpson’s lip job ended botched, which is evident from her unevenly swollen lower lip. The glowing smile in her before photos has turned to nothing but with much bigger pout, in her after photos. Even she admitted hating her lips afterward. One good thing is that these lip injections aren’t permanent in nature, and slowly fades away with time.

And if you’re wondering what Eric Johnson, her then-fiance now husband, had to say about her cosmetic enhancements and plastic surgeries, read that here.

He thinks she looks perfect the way she is,” said a pal. “He feels she’s the most beautiful woman in the world — naturally.”

Jessica Simpson plastic surgery, Jessica Simpson nose job, lip job, Jessica Simpson before after photos0

Jessica Simpson is a fan of all things plastic and cosmetic surgeries, but that’s not what Eric Johnson likes about her.

To give you an overall idea and the results of Jessica Simpson’s cosmetic surgery, her nose job went fair, not very good, but moderate. And you already know about her botched lip job.

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