Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Julie Chen’s ethnic features, especially her eyes were too small for a job as an anchor. It’s her Chinese eyes that makes her looks disinterested. No doubt about it, but it’s certainly not a right way to fire an employer that way. Most of the celebrities undergoes one or few plastic surgery to secure their job/position in the showbiz world. And Julie Chen did the same thing. At first, she kept her mouth shut about her ‘double eyelid surgery’, but her face revealed it all.

Julie Chen, American television personality, news anchor. Unlike many other celebrities, she’d a legitimate reason to undergo plastic surgery to get bigger eyes. Along with that, it’s been heard that she’d had her snozzle fixed too.

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

It’s certainly a disheartening bit to hear more than few racial comments about your ethnicity, about your face and features. At that time, it’d have struck Julie Chen a big time. To secure her job, to get along in the showbiz world, she chose to undergo double eyelid surgery to have bigger eyes.

Julie Chen Had Plastic Surgery To Make Her Eyes Bigger

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‘You will never be on this anchor desk, because you’re Chinese.’

What quoted above, is not something you’d like to hear on your job, when you’ve a got a beautiful enough to keep the audience engaged, but one of many features that expresses our heart to others were too small to make an impression on the viewers.

It’s not Julie Chen’s fault at all, that she’s Chinese, that she’s got small eyes than others. But to fix the issue, to get bigger eyes, she underwent double eyelid surgery in the 90s to get along with her career.

Julie Chen was refused to work at several places, just because of her ethnicity and her eyes. There’s no cure to get bigger eyes than plastic surgery itself. In the 90s, she’d them tweaked and opened a little more, so that she’d express herself efficiently.

Not only the fixture brought more job proposals for Julie Chen, but it also tremendously improved her visage. Take a look at Julie Chen’s eye lid surgery before and after photos and you’d easily know what’s wrong with her eyes.

Julie Chen Nose Job – Fake Or Real

In the Julie Chen’s photos above, you’d also note some difference in her nose as well. It’s shorter than ever, it’s little more defined, if not perfect. Does that conclude that she’s had Rhinoplasty as well? I don’t think sorting the ‘Asian Eyes’ could affect the shape and size of the nose, unless it’s taken care separately.

We’ve little to no information to back the rumors, but are Julie Chen’s before and after plastic surgery photos not enough. I mean, that’s a significant difference in her shape and size of the nose, isn’t it? What’s your say! Did Julie Chen got a nose job during her double eyelid surgery?

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Julie Chen Views On Plastic Surgery

I readily, greedily support and agree Julie Chen getting her Asian Eyes fixed for the sole purpose of securing her future. It’s the right move. Earlier, she kept her mouth zipped for a period, but her big not so ‘Asian Eyes’ were expressing more than the words could convey. She admitted that she’s had her eyes fixed. You’d even find the videos of Julie Chen discussing about her double eyelid surgery. But nose job? Not so much.

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