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Lolita Richi – Natural Human Barbie Doll Claims She’s Had No Plastic Surgery

Just like we’ve Human Ken doll Justin Jedlica, we’ve Lolita Richi as a Human Barbie. This 16 year old Ukrainian girl has joined the other wannabe dolls in the latest disturbing trend. I don’t know what the world is up to. But such desires and aspirations to be a real life Barbie dolls and imitating other toys, would not be a great way to spend this one life.

As if few Botox or plastic surgery operations were not enough, these kind of dolls and toys, have to go complete transformation. Wait, that’s not the case here, Lolita Richi’s looks are complete natural without a single touch of a knife, or having to undergo rigorous diets and/or Photoshop, to add. That’s just not acceptable! But let’s dig, what’s real, good genes or good surgeon.

Lolita Richi – Natural Human Barbie Doll Claims She’s Had No Plastic Surgery

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It’s hard to believe, that this teen from Ukrain, has had no plastic surgery to boast Barbie doll like appearance. She’s only 16, and has a 20 inch waist, size 32F bra, and claims she’s neither had plastic surgery nor adjusted her diet to achieve Barbie doll like look. Unbelievable, I know!

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Here’s what she told to a site, read her own words.

“I have a gorgeous figure so I don’t even have to diet, I just eat whatever’s available in the fridge whether that’s sausages or fruit. I had great features to start with and I just improved on them. My big breasts are natural although I sometimes wear a push-up bra to enhance them.”

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If you’d take a look at her photos, it’s pretty hard to get it right whether she’s for real or is a toy. Such is the perfection, sans plastic surgery and no particular diet. It’s hard to believe, all that I can say.

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She’s not against plastic surgery or so. But plastic surgery is needed when there’s a need to adjust the body structure or features, not favorable to the individual. Lolita Richi smacked every other questions labelled “plastic surgery” with a big NO. She’s particular about her looks, and aims for perfection in everything she can have a control over. Read her own words.

“I started dressing up like this because I want to look perfect,” she revealed. “I think that all women should be well-kept and immaculate. I wanted to be my own inspiration. If a girl doesn’t have beautiful eyes then they should wear contact lenses to sort it out. If they have a crooked nose, then she must do something about it, whether that’s plastic surgery or not.”

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Although, it’s hard to believe even with all those photos and the way she looks and dress, but her mother approves of her, in fact, she takes all the photographs.

Apart from the Lolita Richi’s photos, I’d like all the readers to read her views about her looks, what people thinks about her and everything you’d want to know about her life. Read her own words.

‘People have openly told me that they’re jealous of me and how good I look. All of the boys at school fancy me as well but I don’t like any of them. They are not to my taste.’

‘I started wearing affordable contact lenses and make-up. My mother used to be an actress so I borrow her wigs.

‘I feel comfortable and confident in my appearance. There are many women who want to look like this.’

‘People make good and bad comments about me online. I’ve blocked a few users who have been particularly mean about my appearance.

‘But I do get nice compliments too, I like when men admire my hands.’

My mum doesn’t say anything about my appearance. She allows me to dress however I want. My mum’s proud of how I look.’

‘I’m not attracted to any of the boys at school, although they all like me. They aren’t good enough for me and they have an immature mentality.

‘I did have one serious boyfriend in the past but I dumped him because we kept having little disagreements. In the end, we were incompatible.

‘I want to be with a really manly man who is polite, sensible and who doesn’t run away from problems. He also needs to have a full head of hair. I don’t like bald men.’

‘I’m only 5ft 4in tall so I can’t become a model unfortunately. But if I can become famous for my appearance in some other way, I will be extremely happy.’

What are your views about Lolita Richi? She doesn’t look real or is she? Whatever be the case, such perfection to be a human Barbie doll has amazed us to a great extent!

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