Molly Sims Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Molly Sims is not at the deep end of plastic surgery, but she’s not perfect either. She likes to maintain a balance between plastic surgery procedures and good diet and regular exercise regime.

Molly Sims, American actress and model, gained herself fame and power through her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. As a model and an actress, she’s ought to be perfect from every other angle. She’s all for good diet and exercise, but that doesn’t mean she’s not into cosmetic surgeries. Let’s explore Molly Sims before and after plastic surgery photos to take a look at all her secret beauty tips and tricks.

Molly Sims Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Her beauty secret tips and tricks comprises a blend of good diet, regular exercise and Botox and professional peels. Let’s throw a light briefly on her beauty secret tips and tricks, more of which you’d read in her book The Everyday Supermodel.

Molly Sims Botox and Other Plastic Surgery

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She’s a little worried about her face lines. And to get rid from all that she’s into regular Botox every three to six months.

“By the time I was 30, my forehead had more lines on it than a football field.”

“[I get] Botox every three to six months like clockwork,” Sims boldly admits

Apart from the regular Botox shot at every 3-6 months, she’s tried professional peel and lightening creams for the glowing skin.

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Molly Sims shared that a women must know their bodily issues, so that they can sort them out.

“It all depends on when your issues are. Like, for me, I knew that my main issue was the really deep angry line in the middle of my forehead. So I started in my early thirties.”

It’s really satisfying to know that she’s not entertaining plastic surgery procedures just for the kicks, but to sort the underlying issues that hampers her appearance. If only every celebrity follows the same approach, the Hollywood would look more natural than fake.

She even talked about how she would fix her post-baby figure. She shared that she’d get it into shape by wearing two pairs of Spanx, nine hours a day for three months. And not succumbing to plastic surgery measures[mommy makeover or liposuction] for a quick fix. Hollywood need more celebrities like Molly Sims.

Another thing that she’s faced a lot of criticism about her crooked nose, mind you, she hasn’t even fixed it in the quest of perfection. I think, some minor nose job would put her nose straight. But whatever works for Molly Sims.

Take a look at Molly Sims plastic surgery before and after photos and be inspired from the looks of it.

Molly Sims Views On Plastic Surgery

She’s not against plastic surgery, but she hasn’t tried anything major so far. Just a lot of Botox at regular intervals and other non-invasive cosmetic surgery and that’s it. It shows one thing and only one thing, that plastic surgery is not what really it takes to flaunt an enviable figure as Molly Sims.

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