naya rivera plastic surgery breasts augmentation before after photos

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Naya Rivera is pretty new to plastic surgery magic and bells. Well known for her role as Santana Lopez on music comedy-drama TV series Glee, this American actress and singer underwent through plastic surgery procedures to keep her name intact in the celebrity world. Apart from that, she’s stuck up in the headlines labelled Naya Rivera plastic surgery all around.

At 27, Naya Rivera has her fair share of introduction to plastic surgery procedures and all the fancy stuff that entails.

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery – Breasts Augmentation

naya rivera plastic surgery breasts augmentation before after photos

Every other actress dreamt of a healthier pair of breasts to keep the audience entertained and their confidence all boosted. Rumors claimed she had her first breasts augmentation surgery recently. If you’d compare Naya Rivera before and after photos of breasts augmentations, you’d notice the flat chested one at the left and much fuller, healthier breasts at the right. In my opinion, she over did it, or not? What do you’ve to say about Naya Rivera’s breast augmentation stunt.

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery – Dermal Fillers

naya rivera plastic surgery dermal fillers before after photos

Earlier, the media and news were only ringing around the rumors, but when confirmed by the Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon based in Miami. Dr added that Naya had also been injected with dermal fillers in order to enhance her cheeks. And it’s pretty evident from Naya Rivera’s before and after photos, if you take a little closer look.

Has Naya Rivera had plastic surgery? Or not? What are you reviews about her new look, if this sounds true to you.

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