NeNe Leakes Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

NeNe Leakes plastic surgery rumors and stories were huge in 2010 when she got a couple of plastic surgeries done. In 2013, she came under the cosmetic surgery radar again when she turned up with a different face. What kind of plastic surgery did NeNe Leakes have? There’s little to explore, as she, herself is quite candid about her work done.

NeNe Leakes, an American TV personality, well-known for the reality television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta and I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding. When it comes to The Real Housewives plastic surgery stories and rumors,  NeNe Leakes isn’t the only one with a frozen face and a lot more plastic. Let’s take a look at NeNe Leakes evolution over the years through the before and after photos.

NeNe Leakes Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

For one thing, NeNe Leakes is different from most of the The Real Housewives is that she’s quite frank about her artificial beauty secrets. So there’s absolutely no need to serve questions like ‘Did Nene have a nose job‘, ‘Has she had breast implants‘ and so on. While we’re at it, let’s take a closer look at NeNe’s before and after photos and how much she’s changed over these years.

NeNe Leakes Breast Implants And Lifts

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Mother of two, NeNe Leakes, had had breast implants in 2010. Be it to cover up the damage from the pregnancy and the breastfeeding or for the sake of her career.  She revamped her breasts for a better look. When asked about the same, she said.

“I don’t want breasts that hang down. I want them to say hello.”

While she’s at it, she’d had a nose job, liposuction as well.

NeNe Leakes Nose Job

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It’s in the genes of the black people to have a huge nose. Every black person or a celebrity I’ve encountered, writhe about how bulbous and undefined nose they’ve. Nene Leakes is no exception. Her nose is twice as big as any other black celebrity out there. And it only made the Rhinoplasty harder for her. It’s not confirmed whether how many nose job has she had?

Even after the slight nose downsizing and effort to make it pointy(defined), there’s only a slight difference to note on her face, as evident in the before and after photos. How do you like the look of that?

NeNe Leakes Liposuction

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She even admitted to getting rid of the excess fat around her waist. Of all the plastic surgery procedures she’d tried, she really liked the way liposuction worked out for her.

“I gotta tell you, I like that liposuction now! I really like it and I would go back when I need it again.” (source)

Liposuction is the way to go for the women the size of Nene Leakes. It’s no harm getting work done as far as it doesn’t interfere with the way an individual looks like.

“As long as you don’t look plastic, a little nip and tuck is okay!”

NeNe Leakes Botox and Facelift Rumors

Although, she’s all for plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements and is quite outspoken about her work. But she adamantly refused that she’s had Botox or a facelift. These rumors surfaced in 2013 when she turned up with a different face with an unusual getup in an event. When confronted, she denied the use of Botox and other major cosmetic procedure such as Facelift.

“First of all, I don’t think I need a face-lift, so I would never. I don’t use Botox… my forehead is very wrinkled. I do believe that you should ‘tune up.’ If you feel like you need a ‘tune up’ then you get a ‘tune up.’ I am a Black woman with good genes. It’s not like I need to be pulled and tucked every five minutes.” (source)

Most of her plastic surgery had been performed in front of the camera on The Real Housewives. And I don’t think she’s hiding anything about these two cosmetic surgery procedures.

Over 5 years, she’s had a couple of cosmetic and plastic enhancements done to cover up the damage of pregnancy and few others to keep her career rolling in front of the camera. Apart from the plastic surgeries Nene had, she’s quite sporty about her hairstyles and makeup as well.

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