Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery has got lots of us talking. We’ve covered lots of celebrities opting plastic for surgical procedures such breast implants, nose job, breast augmentation, botox treatment, face lift and so on. But Nicki Minaj booty or butt implants has got a lots of eyes and unwanted attention. Though, the American rapper denied anything and everything that has plastic surgery labelled on it.

If you’d take a look at Nicki Minaj plastic surgery before and after photos, you’d notice lots of changes on her face and breasts and butt. All over, to say the least. As clear from the before and after photos, Nicki Minaj went under the knife for Face lift, Botox treatment, breast implants and butt implants. Let’s discuss things in detail.

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Face lift

nicki minaj plastic surgery face lift nose before after photos

If we compare her photos, it’s can be clearly seen that how her face has changed. How redefined and sharp features she has. Whatever be the surgical procedures she opted for, her face has plastic written all over it.

Nose Jobnicki minaj plastic surgery face before after photos

Her nose used to have a wider bridge and wasn’t redefined and sharp, as it now appears. Thanks to Rhinoplasty, her nose has now narrower bridge and sharp tip, just the kind of nose in trends these days. The nose after the surgical procedure really compliments her face well.

Butt Implants

nicki minaj booty implants before after photos

Her booty or butt implants rumors are all over the celebrity world. And has gained unwanted attention throughout. The star has also been accused of having implants to make her bottom more curvaceous, but she remained mum about those rumors during the interview, emphatically referring only to her face.

nicki minaj butt implants before and after photos

The denial seems out of the character, whose entire aesthetic is less than natural looking. But we couldn’t help but that she didn’t mention anything about ┬árumors her butt is fake. As clear from the before and after photos, she used to have far smaller backside than the one she sports today.

Breast Implants

nicki minaj breast implants before and after photos

In order to compliment and contrast her looks, she also went for breast implants as well. If you’d take a look at Nicki Minaj breast, you’d notice a sudden change in her breast size. Breast Implants or are they natural? We doubt!

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