Plastic Surgery : 7 People Went Mad To Look Like Their Favorite Stars

There are many people all over the world, who fancies the fame, the power and money these celebrities has. Even, if there’s any hint that they can look like some of the famous celebrities, they go an extra mile to get their faces tweaked up and transformed to just look like their favorite stars.

Here are 8 people, who have undergone the knife to look like their favorite stars. They’ve spend enormous amount of money and went under multiple plastic surgeries to resemble their favorite celebrities.

Plastic Surgery : 7 People Went Mad To Look Like Their Favorite Stars

Nicholas Ryan as Ryan Gosling

nicholas ryan as ryan gosling plastic surgery photos

Actor Nicholas Ryan, 32, spent over $5000 on Botox and filler injections in an attempt to look like Ryan Gosling. I know it sounds crazy, but there’s madness in it. Hope he get the fame and power to attract more girls with his new look.

Ashley Horn as Lindsay Lohan

ashley horn as lindsay lohan plastic surgery

Lindsay’s Lohan long lost half sister, Ashley Horn underwent five plastic surgery procedures, to look like Lindsay Lohan. Over $25,000 has been spend on few rhinoplasty, fat injections and more.

Mike and Matt as Brad Pitt

mike and matt as brad pitt plastic surgery photos

To get fame and power, Arizone twins Mike and Matt underwent few plastic surgeries to look like Brad Pitt. Porcelain veneers, chin implants and rhinoplasty, and though neither has ever been mistaken for Brad, they are decidedly pleased with the results.

Crystal as Britney Spears

crystal as britney spears

To look like the Queen of Pop, Crystal opted to get rhinoplasty, fat grafts in her cheeks, lip injections and breasts implants. All totally nearing around $25,000.

Sha as Pamela Anderson

sha as pamela anderson

Nineteen-year-old Sha opted for lipo, breast and lip implants in an attempt to resemble Pamela Anderson. After the surgery, she said she “loved all the attention” and soon after posed for the “college edition” of Playboy. By the looks of it, she must have spent fortunes to resemble Pamela Anderson.

Lisa Connell as Demi Moore

lisa connell as demi moore

Cancer patient Lisa Connell dying wish was to look like Demi Moore. Connell went through multiple plastic surgery procedures to look like Demi Moore spending huge amount of $60,0000 on breasts implants, liposuction, eye-brow lift and some alteration to her skin and teeth.

Miki Jay as Michael Jackson

miki jay as michael jackson

Miki Jay, a U.K. mother of three, became obsessed with Michael Jackson after winning a talent show in 1991. She has spent over $16,000 getting her nose, chin and cheeks to look like Jackson’s. Although, it seems the change has been profitable. The performer claims she makes $240,000 a year as a professional impersonator.

What do you’ve to say about it? I don’t think it’d bring them the fame they’re craving for. The amount of money that went in, the amount of physical changes, physical tortures and alterations, just to look like famous celebrities, that’s madness, indeed!


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