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Plastic Surgery Fails : Lips Surgery Gone Wrong

In recent years, there’re lots of lips surgeries gone bad. Ill administered shots, no proper research prior to getting one or highly obsessed with this sultry lip trend could be one of many reasons. Trying to mirror the Kylie Jenner’s plumped lips effects, is no easy job to see it through.

Let’s take a look at all the lip enhancements gone wrong, leaving celebrities with plumped lips, more than what they’re asking for.

Plastic Surgery Fails : Lips Surgery Gone Wrong

I won’t be listing the very well known celebrities who ended up with botched lip jobs along with any other plastic surgery procedure, they opted for. But to remind you about few, Donatella Versace, Joan Rivers, Amanda Lepore would easily qualify for any such list.

But have you ever heard of these?

Farrah Abraham

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In an unfortunate event, Farrah Abraham had to taste what it’s like to have a botched lips. Ballooned lips after an ill administered shot, left her face swollen for few months. She’s back to her normal self now, though.

Nikki Cox

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Though, it’s not recent mess, but Nikki Cox’s example proved how a lip injection could leave you unrecognizable, could ruin a burgeoning career in no time. Being temporary in nature, they usually fade away with time, but it’s a mystery still, what went wrong with Nikki Cox’s lip surgery.

Abi Clarke

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Doctors weren’t qualified enough, which ended up with botched lips along with blisters, scars and what not. The chemical used reacted badly, which, for Abi Clarke, turned into a six month of hell. Of course, she’d to seek a reversal treatment for the same, where the lip injections chemicals were drained from her lips for some relief.

Stephanie Pratt

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Stephanie Pratt’s lip injection wasn’t as bad as Abi Clarke’s or Farrah Abraham, but the amount of lip fillers wasn’t suitable for her face at all. It’s easily noticeable that she, in recent past, had fiddled with injectables. Take a look.

Tulisa Contostavlos

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Tulisa Contostavlos has a thing for lip fillers and injections. It’s what she seek for happiness. But sorry, things tends to go wrong, and it did. She’s beautiful as a doll, but with a plumper lips, not so much. Right?

Lisa Rinna

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Juvederm was injected in both her cheeks and lips. And if not Donatella Versace’s like lips, but she ended up pretty close with what happened to her lips. She vowed not to seek lip surgery after the unfortunate event.

Leslie Ash

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It’s hard not to include a classic case of lip surgery gone terribly wrong. She allowed her friend’s mom, who’s a plastic surgeon, to inject not collagen, a common lip filler, but liquid silicone in her lips. Guess what happened next, Leslie’s lips blown out of proportion and remained like that for more than 4-5 years. Lips fillers gone wrong, couldn’t be any better than this. We’re so sorry for what happened to her.

Lara Flynn Boyle

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She’s fiddled with everything that moves in terms of plastic surgery procedures. But she, till this day, remained tight lipped about her work done. But before and after plastic surgery photos speaks volumes about her swollen lips and other plastic surgery, she’d tried. Her botched lip injection was one of them.

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