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Top 10 Celebrities With Bad Plastic Surgery Photos

Getting plastic surgery is harsher than you think, embracing the after-effects, even more grueling. No one really mention the pain that comes with it, and surely not the ‘all that’s fake’ hidden behind those cheery smiles of celebrities walking the red carpet. More and more celebrities are turning towards plastic surgery, in an effort to look young again. But lots of celebrities came out with a face that’s barely recognizable, worst plastic surgery results ever.

We’ve compiled a list of celebrities who, instead of lively results, ended up with bad plastic surgery. Of course, there’re few celebrities which should be butted to every other ‘plastic surgery gone wrong‘ list, but we’ve covered one of a similar kind in our previous posts(Check 12 Famous Celebrities With Worst Boob Jobs Ever). So this is going to be a bit different than the usual. Take a look. 

Top 10 Celebrities With Bad Plastic Surgery Photos

Farrah Abraham plastic surgery, Farrah Abraham plastic surgery gone wrong, Farrah Abraham lip injection, Farrah Abraham lip implants

Farrah Abraham’s plastic surgery story has two bad ends, namely, botched breast implants and a lip job that went awry. Though she managed to get through the faults of a first one by getting another breast augmentation. But she suffered a great deal till the effects of the lip injection took a little long to fade away.

Dolly Parton

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She’s crazy about her looks. And age is just a number for her. A true plastic surgery addict celebrity who’ve had a number of procedures done on her. Breast implants, Nose job, Face lift and many others under the sun.

Alexa Ray Joel

alexa ray joel plastic surgery, alexa ray joel plastic surgery before after photos, alexa ray joel plastic surgery nose job, breast augmentation2

Though the breast implants went smooth, but the nose job did changed her face to the extent that she went from recognizable to barely recognizable. Her mother, Christine Brinkley, who, till this day, detested plastic surgery. But the daughter fall for plastic surgery a little too early in her career.

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery, Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery before after photos, Janice Dickinson breast augmentation, Janice Dickinson breast implants, Janice Dickinson face lift, Janice Dickinson botox4

Exceeding the plastic surgery addiction of Dolly Parton, Janice Dickinson, has disfigured her body through several alterations one after the other. Multiple breast implants, Face lift, Nose job and what not. She’s got it all. Awful plastic surgery results.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love plastic surgery, Courtney Love plastic surgery before after photos, Courtney Love plastic surgery facelift, Courtney Love plastic surgery nose job, Courtney Love plastic surgery botox4

Courtney Love has a rock-star like looks, but after few plastic surgery procedures(much of what’s done on her face) deranged her rock-star visage to a great extent. And it’s hard to deal with the results of facial alterations. Not that bad plastic surgery results to say, eh?

Amanda Lepore

amanda lepore plastic surgery before after pictures, amanda lepore plastic surgery, amanda lepore plastic surgery disasters, amanda lepore plasti surgery gone wrong, amanda lepore plastic surgery story

Gender transformation is not an operation, but a journey where one has to suffer more than few times. Amanda Lepore suffered through it and took more grueling cosmetic/plastic surgery operations than her body’s capability. Read Amanda Lepore gender transformation.

Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery, Jennifer Grey then and now, Jennifer Grey pictures, Jennifer Grey plastic surgery before after photos, Jennifer Grey nose job, botox

I don’t know how many times I’ve pressed this little fact, that a subtle, even a minor, change on a nose could make you an entirely different person. And that’s what happened with unlucky Jennifer Grey. Barely recognizable, ne?

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne plastic surgery, Sharon Osbourne photos, Sharon Osbourne cosmetic surgery, celebrities plastic surgery before and after photos, face lift, neck lift, chemical peels2

It’s not nice, when you’re 62, and your facial skin fluffs like someone who’s in her 40s, all in a wrong way. Same flawless skin, hardly a wrinkle to mark the age, and not a thing moving at the behest of expressions she’s trying to show. More on Sharon Osbourne plastic surgery story.

Lil Kim

Lil' Kim plastic surgery, Lil' Kim before after photos, Lil' Kim nose job, Lil' Kim photos, celebrities plastic surgery, bad plastic surgery1

Money, can buy you some good plastic surgeon’s to make out things for you. But even good plastic surgeon’s, sometimes, fails. And such is the story of Lil Kim’s plastic surgery. Her face reeks of all the bad cosmetic alterations.

Bruce Jenner

Has Bruce Jenner Had Breast Implants2

At least, one men in the list. And now that men, Bruce Jenner is seeking gender transformation. And he’s already checked off few items, including major and minor, cosmetic and plastic surgeries to further up the journey.

Bonus : Andressa Urach

Andressa Urach plastic surgery, Andressa Urach plastic surgery before after photos, Andressa Urach images, breast implants, breast augmentation, liposuction, vaginal lip reduction, nose job, Andressa Urach awful plastic surgery3

Apart from the more commonly breast implants and butt implants, she’s had a liposuction that almost killed her.

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