Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Sarah Jessica Parker, known for her leading role as Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO television series Sex and the City, went through plastic surgery procedure to fix her bulbous(sort of) nose and boob job. Check Sarah Jessica Parker plastic surgery before and after photos to notice the she’d had recently. 

Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery – Nose Job

sarah jessica parker plastic surgery before after photos nose job

She had a pretty sunken, slim face and nose too bulbous and large that doesn’t match his facial structure. In order to fix the facial expressions and structure, the celebrity is rumored to get Rhinoplasty done. Earlier, the Sarah Jessica Parker’s nose which is was pretty large for her face, now looks thinner and in much accordance with her face. Not a bad decision, if rumors have covered the right news regarding the celebrity. Have Sarah Jessica Parker had plastic surgery, the nose job? Please check these plastic surgery before and after photos to settle things down. Rumors might not come up as all truth, but the photo below certainly is speaking it all.

Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery – Breasts Implants


Sarah Jessica Parker, aged 49, certainly is looking to maintain her “Sex and the City” charm in the celeb industry, as long as she can. But with age, her breasts are sagging which might not be a good thing for her career. In order to get things done, to fix her boobs and perk them up a little, she undergone some plastic surgery(breasts implants) to look cool, as she’s some hottie aged 21.

Look at Sarah Jessica Parker breasts implants before and after photos, which clearly reveals her prettied up breasts after the plastic surgery.What are your thoughts about these photos? Please share.

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