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Snookie Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Snookie’s plastic surgery is no different than the celebrities she works with. It’s either to please their partners or to improve their appearances or to jump on the plastic surgery bandwagon in the name of a mommy-makeover. Guess what, Snookie checks all the stated reason to try out cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.

Nicole Snooki Polizzi is an American reality TV personality. A fine dancer. And dare say a word against her plastic surgery decisions, she’s a professional wrestler too. She’s well known as a cast member of the MTV reality TV show Jersey Shore. For the last two seasons of Jersey Shore, she earned $150,000 per episode. Well, that’s a lot of money, which she eventually used to improve her looks. Snooki’s plastic surgery list includes effective use of lip fillers, botox on face and forehead, breast implants and lift.

Snookie Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Snookie Lip Fillers and Botox

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Snookie’s plump lips after excess amount of lip fillers in them

She wasn’t tight lipped about her cosmetic enhancements in the past. Whatever work she gets done, she made it public in a series of Snapchats for the world to admire her changes. But she might be regulating the information which she would like the world to know.

Straight to the point, after going through several Snookie’s plastic surgeries before and after photos, it’s evident that she’s had more than just lip fillers and Botox on her face and forehead. I mean look at her face, she isn’t the same Snookie she was before. And the credit goes to a lot more than just Lip fillers and Botox treatment. And anymore dabbling with the knife and scalpel would be an overkill for Snookie beauty evolution.

She was plumped face once. Few years down the lane, she got it thinned down. The visage improved over time. But she needs to cut down on the lip fillers and Botox to keep things in control.

There’s nothing new to Snookie’s nose. It’s original. But the way she styles her hair, the little makeup she dons at the time, the various camera angles are adding to the confusion whether she’s got some major transformation or not.

Dr. Ramtan Kassir, who is in charge of her yearly injections of Botox need to control the chemicals he’s been injecting in Nicole Snooki Polizzi.

Ramtan Kassir is a famous plastic surgeon who’s got offices in New Jersey and Manhattan. Melissa Gorga, Sonja Morgan and Jacqueline Laurita are few of his clients.

Snookie’s Breast Implants and Breast Lifts

snookie plastic surgery, snooki breast implants, snookie plastic surgery before after photos3
Snooki plastic surgery before and after photo revealing the difference.

She stands 4 ft 8 inches tall. And anything larger than life sits on her frame gets accentuated. But guess what, unlike many celebrities, she did no mistake and went for a breast implant that complements her frame, a moderate size C-cup breast. A fair decision for a mother of two.

But the celebrities do not have to dig deep to find the reason to get artificially pepped up. As if they care. But if they do, there are many at their disposal to rub some at the press reporters’ face. – first, they’re in a show business, they need it. Second, it’s the mommy-makeover, you know. Third, it’s to get back in the mojo, the confidence. Fourth, it’s for the husband.

snookie plastic surgery, snooki breast implants, snookie plastic surgery before after photos
Snooki’s breast implants and breast lift up close for a closer inspection

Guess what, Snooki checks them all. And it’s entirely common for the celebrities to go under the knife for reasons unknown.

Back to the story, after having two kids, Snookie tried to sweat it out in the gym to lose the baby weight. She shed a little, but nothing to garner praise from the audience. And that’s where plastic surgery comes into play.

If you’re a mother, you know what breastfeeding two kids could do to your bust size. They sag and they get out of shape. It’s a concern for someone who’s in a show business.

snookie plastic surgery, snooki breast implants, snookie plastic surgery before after photos4
Snookie plastic surgery before and after photo revealing the noticeable difference.

Here’s how Nicole Snookie Polizzi defended her decision,

“I call this my little mommy makeover. Being a mom, obviously, your boobs are destroyed by having kids, especially breast feeding,” she explains. “I want to look hot for my husband but I also want to feel great about myself and that was just an insecurity that I had.”

She got moderate C-cup breast implants placed on her frame. And a breast lift to adjust them in place. A size bigger would have held her from functioning normally, considering her height.

The breast implants were so moderately placed that her BFF Jenni JWoww Farley failed to notice the changes in her when Snookie’s expecting her to notice them without her telling.

And, when she told her, JWoww was surprised.

“Wait a minute, you actually did,” Jwoww reacts. “I thought you were wearing a really good sports bra! Your boobs are fantastic.”

Here’s the video from the #MomsWithAttitude web show where Snookie revealed about her latest breast implants and breast lift procedure.

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