Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Has Steve Martin had plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is not just a trend among teenagers stars, but even the senior stars like Steve Martin finds his way to add few more years to his ever successful career.

Getting under the knife is no big deal, but admitting it has been a real pain to uncover. But by comparing Steve Martin’s after and before pictures, we’ve a doubt that the senior star is looking for an escape.

Steve Martin said, “I think there’s a cliche of how people look when they have it done. I don’t have anything against it theoretically, if you don’t end up looking weird like a non-person“.


It’d be devastated if comedian Steve Martin goes under the knife. The way he control his expression on camera, the comedic acts. It’d appear not so cool to spread a laugh and cheer.

To me and the doctors as well as his fans would prefer the star to age gracefully, without any artificial facade.

Though, as rumored, it’s not much more than Botox injections to lift up his face, to remove the wrinkles and keep it fresh and rigid for few more years to come.

Here take a look at Steve Martin’s Plastic Surgery After and Before Photos.

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