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Top 10 Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before And After Photos

Messing with the knife has its own consequences. A cut slight deep, a bad impact of an injection, lips all ballooned up, a frozen face and busts bigger than the frame could support, there’re reasons why a plastic surgery is not a plastic surgery anymore but a risky life affair in itself. Plastic surgery gone wrong has a direct impact on the career of the celebrities. The aim of this “Plastic surgery gone wrong before and after photos” series is to warn the celebrities as well as the common people from the hazards of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery, if done right has rewarding results. If something went wrong, it still changes the life of the celebrity/person involved. But it’s best avoided. Today, we’ll give you enough reasons on why you should stay away from plastic or cosmetic surgeries. Check out the celebrities who got their plastic surgeries procedures all wrong.

Top 10 Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before And After Photos

Melania Trump


It’s so disheartening to see Melania Trump on the list of plastic surgery disasters. She’s born beautiful and no plastic surgery could have further improved her looks. But the gradual usage of Botox injections has ruined her face. I think it’s from only this reason she has turned into a squinty-eyed frozen faced woman.

Camille Grammer

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer ruined her face with the crock full of Botox and a breast augmentation surgery. The impact of Botox would fade away with time though, but her breast implants is a complete plastic surgery nightmare. Don’t worry, it’s a trend in The Real Housewives reality TV series.

Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson’s moderately executed nose job doesn’t look as bad as it’s been regarded. But her botched lips job has certainly earned her a place in the list of plastic surgery gone wrong photos. Also, she’s pretty serious about the regimen of Botox injections. It’s hard to sing with the lips full of toxic chemicals. Fortunately, the impact will die down with time. But please don’t overdo it, Jessica.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery, Cameron Diaz photos, Cameron Diaz before after plastic surgery, breast implants, nose job, botox1

There are celebrities who’d go overboard with plastic surgery and then they do some more. They never learn from their mistakes. And there are celebrities who learn their lessons after trying it just once. That’s Cameron Diaz for you. It hurts to see Cameron’s frozen face and pulled up cheeks. It’s a real depiction of joker’s grin. If not chemical peels, it’s probably an overdose of Botox injections.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Just like Cameron Diaz, Catherine’s facial skin’s pulled up to the ears after the usage of dermal fillers and Botox overdose went horribly wrong. Another joker in the making, hers is not as bad as Cameron Diaz’s botched face. Good thing about the fillers and Botox injections is that the impact of the chemicals fades away with time. Impact, however temporary, is enough to open her eyes.

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

Elvis Presley’s only wife, Priscilla Presley is addicted to plastic surgery. Once, she got motor oil injected into her face to smooth out wrinkles. Illegal use of motor oil in the face ruined her face for once and all. Apart from motor oil injections, at 71 she’s still on a schedule of Botox injections which explains her waxy look.

Taylor Armstrong

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After going through a series of childhood traumas and abuse, she thought she’d get some work done to feel better about her circumstances. But does that even work? No. After a pair of new breast and new lips and new hairs, she’s even more miserable about her situation adding plastic surgery to her list of worries. Her breast implants as well as lip job, both ended with bad results.

Mary Tyler Moore

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When you’re over 70-year-old trying to look good about your physical body, it is actually time to accept the old age, the wrinkles, the sagging skin and not an excuse to get some work done. Early in her days, she’s a beauty to die for. After pulling a Facelift and Botox injections in plenty, she’s nothing but a case of plastic surgery went horribly wrong.

Alicia Douvall

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Alicia Douvall’s plastic surgery is a lesson in itself. Every plastic surgery she opted for, turned her facial and bodily features into a plastic surgery nightmare. 18 breast augmentation, 2 nose job and more than 350 alterations to get her face, waist, breast, nose, feet and buttock fixed. If you’re still not convinced about why you should avoid plastic surgery, I’m sure Alicia Douvall should send you looking for natural choices.

Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery, Jennifer Grey then and now, Jennifer Grey pictures, Jennifer Grey plastic surgery before after photos, Jennifer Grey nose job, botox

Jennifer Gray is a kind of plastic surgery went wrong case where just the slight touch of the knife made her face unrecognizable. After the two scarring nose job, she came out as a totally different person. The unrecognizable face earned her a bad repute, affected her otherwise successful career negatively.

We’ve listed all the reasons why the bad results of plastic surgery are so regrettable in the end. My only advice for you is to shun plastic surgery and opt for a healthier lifestyle.

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