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Top 10 Celebrities With Butt Implants Or Fake Butts

Celebrities with butt implants or fake butts usually deny that they’ve got one. But it’s just easy to deny, but far less easy to hide the artificial derrière. Hollywood is all about show-off. The camera loves near perfect figurine beauties. To please the camera and the audience, celebrities are going the extra mile without fear. Fear to risk the au natural beauty they have, fear to risk that they could lose what they already have, fear to risk that they may end up with a botched plastic surgery. Butt implants are nothing new, but it’s still a hot favorite amongst celebrities these days. Celebrities would usually deny but the before and after plastic surgery photos won’t.

Top 10 Celebrities With Butt Implants Or Fake Butts

Coco Austin

coco austin butt implants, coco austin plastic surgery before after photos
Coco Austin flaunting her butt implants or are they natural?

You know what, it’s debatable whether Coco Austin butts are real or fake. Even if you’d argue with her, she would take it as a compliment. She and her husband even consulted a plastic surgeon to prove that it’s hundred percent real. And it was. But check out Coco Austin’s before and after photos, what do you have to say now? Shocked!

Jenna Jameson

jenna jameson plastic surgery, jenna jameson butt implants, jenna jameson plastic surgery before after photos
Jenna Jameson butt implants before and after photos

As if she wasn’t happy with the natural ones she had. But butt implants tornado is on the rise and Jenna Jameson got sucked into it. She admitted to having butt implants to enlarge her back a little.

Heidi Montag

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Heidi Montag before and after

Any botched celebrity plastic surgery list is incomplete without Heidi Montag in it. She underwent more than 10 surgeries in a day. Lots of them ended up botched. Butt implants were one of them. Her thin petite frame wasn’t ready for the huge back she’s hoping for. The result, things didn’t go well and Heidi Montag’s been making it to such plastic surgery lists since then.

Erica Mena

erica mena plastic surgery, erica mena butt implants, erica mena plastic surgery before after photos
Erica Mena buttock transformation

Erica Mena got her breast implants removed about which she couldn’t stop talking. But she would refuse to acknowledge that she’s got something done to her derrière too. I think she would talk about it too when she gets it reversed, eh? Meanwhile, check out Erica Mena butt before and after photos.

Blac Chyna

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Blac Chyna’s butt implants photos

She’s full of plastic surgery. She’s so out of proportion that she might explode anytime soon. Breast implants, butt implants, liposuction, you name it, Blac Chyna has tried it all to improve petite frame.

K Michelle

K. Michelle plastic surgery, K. Michelle plastic surgery before after photos, K. Michelle breast implants, butt implants, liposuction, K. Michelle butt implants1
K. Michelle buttock implants

I like it when they own what they have done. K Michelle belongs to that league of celebrities with plastic surgery. Here’s what she told The Huffington Post: “I got my boobs done, I had fat transferred to my butt, I sucked out the stomach. You know, just normal women things; and they say, ‘are you really going to do this surgery?’ I said, ‘Yes, because it’s my life.’ And I’m not ashamed. I’m not ashamed of wanting to suck the rolls out of my stomach.”

Kailyn Lowry

kailyn lowry plastic surgery before after, kailyn lowry breast implants, brazilian butt lift, lip fillers, kailyn lowry tummy tuck, liposuction, kailyn lowry teen mom plastic surgery2
Kailyn Lowry Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck before and after photo

She got her butts done differently. A Brazilian Butt Lift, in which the fat is transferred from several body parts (back, tummy tuck, love handles) to the butts. Study Kailyn Lowry’s plastic surgery before and after photos to check how results worked out in her favor.

Amber Rose

amber rose plastic surgery, amber rose before plastic surgery, amber rose before and after, amber rose butt implants, amber rose breast implants1
Amber Rose Butt Implants – Before And After

Amber Rose waist and the backside doesn’t fit the equation at all. Though, the star allowed her butts to be squeezed live at the RuPaul’s TV show in the presence of famous plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow. Still, the doubt persists.

Kristina and Karissa Shannon

shannon twins plastic surgery, shannon twins plastic surgery before after photos
The Shannon Twins plastic buttocks

The Shannon twins may deny that they’ve got some work done to her butt. But, The Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Matlock confirmed that he gave the Playboy Playmates a transfer. In other words, just what Kailyn Lowry got –  a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Khloe Kardashian

khloe kardashian plastic surgery, khloe kardashian butt implants
Khloe Kardashian’s butt implants

A plastic surgery list isn’t a list without the mention of Kardashians. Just like Coco Austin, Khloe Kardashian’s case is up for a debate. While Dr. Benji Dhillon, an Aesthetic Surgeon at Phi Clinic believes that Khloe’s buttocks are a result of strong squat routine. But I think she got inspired from her sisters (Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner), sounds more feasible than the latter. On top, Khloe Kardashian’s plastic surgery before and after photos speak volumes about her buttocks.

What do you think about all the fake buttocks (and so much denial) making rounds in the entertainment industry? There are far many names that deserve to be here, but that’s another list.

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