Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Breasts Augmentation, Nose Job

American actress and author, Tori Spelling, had her fair share of plastic surgery procedures done to her. Just like Donatella Versace’ plastic surgery disasters, Tori Spelling is another example that how cruel plastic surgery can be. Now 41, Tori Spelling went under the knife several times to fix her bust and the a bit bulbous nose, to add a finish to her beauty, but everything happened to have gone wrong or the plastic surgery procedures wasn’t carried with deliberate care.

Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Breasts Augmentation, Nose Job – Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Breasts Augmentation

tori spelling plastic surgery breasts augmentation before after photos

It’s a clear example of plastic surgery disaster, at the age of 20, Tori Spelling had a pretty flat chest, but in order to stay relevant in the industry, she went under the knife for fuller and bigger bust. It’s a surprise for her fans, when she suddenly owns bulging boobs, out of thin air. She regretted her decision, that her breasts augmentation procedure failed miserably. After denying the knife thing for years, in 2008, she admitted that she went under the knife for a fuller pair. Take a look at Tori Spelling’s deformed breasts in after before photos.

Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Nose Job

tori spelling plastic surgery nose job before after photos

At the age of 16, she went under the knife for a nose job. Earlier, the nose which appeared to be bulbous, now suddenly has taken a thinner shape and pointy. In her teenage, it was a suggestion from her mother, you’d look beautiful once you’d a nose job. Strange is the fact that mothers encouraging their child to get plastic surgery done to replace what’s natural and certainly, beautiful. Although, Tori Spelling, after the nose job, looks pretty, the new nose is quite in harmony with her facial structure. It’s a deed done good. Look at the Tori Spelling plastic surgery nose job before and after photos.

A mother of four, a pair of deformed breasts, but a better face, I don’t think she’d ever try out those much revealing dresses in her appearances. What’s your opinion?

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