Yolanda Hadid Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

How real are the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? So far, we’ve covered the plastic surgery stories of Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong and Lisa Vanderpump and so many more celebrities. All of them had their ups and downs. Yolanda Hadid’s plastic surgery story is no different. In a battle with chronic Lyme disease, she had to let go of her breast implants, botox regime, fillers, hair extensions and even day-to-day makeup to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, Yolanda Hadid is a mother of three (Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Anwar Hadid). As a television personality and a model herself, she’d to tweak her looks to aid her modeling career. And she had to shun everything plastic when in 2012 Lyme disease took hold of her.

Yolanda Hadid Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Yolanda Hadid’s plastic surgery story revolves around her ruptured breast implants (and other plastic surgery procedures she’d tried) and Lyme disease. Better late than never she opted for a much healthy lifestyle to aid her Lyme disease recovery.

Yolanda Hadid Breast Augmentation And Lyme Disease


Has Yolanda Hadid had breast implants in her younger years? Everyone was clueless until Yolanda Hadid’s breast implants started leaking in 2015. She got them removed in the same year to come to terms with the chronic Lyme disease. The operation was recorded live which was later shown on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

It wasn’t easy for the star to cope up with so many mishappenings all at once. But the struggle for life was real. She had to stick to the stringiest diet. She had to shun her regular Botox regimen and other beauty treatments which she’d been using to keep herself primped.

“Right now I am no gluten, no dairy, no grains, nothing that turns into sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no black tea. It’s boring, but I would eat bark for a year if it would save my life,” said Hadid. “I’ll do anything.” told PEOPLE magazine.

What had been a cruel life journey so far, she’s been whole-heartedly supported by her three children (Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Anwar Hadid) and she’s grateful and proud to have them in their life.


It’s been more than three years she hadn’t worn any makeup or any other beauty treatment.

But before Lyme disease and ruptured silicone breast implants ruptured her life, she’s had it all. Breast implants, nose job, regular botox treatment, facelift, hair extensions and almost every plastic surgery and other beauty treatment she could lay her hands on.

But we’re more than happy for Yolanda Hadid(52) has shunned it all. Isn’t that inspiring?

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